Do Infrared Heaters Cause Health Issues?

When buying an infrared heater or even a certain type of heater, many questions will arise, such as whether it is safe to leave the infrared heater overnight? Can heaters induce cancer through electric means? The dangers of infrared heating and many other problems.

Cancer has become a threat to the modern world. People worry about which products or devices can cause this terrible disease. With the increasing use of foot warmers, people are increasingly worried about their relationship with cancer.

Infrared heaters face the same question because people tend to believe that they will cause cancer by emitting infrared radiation. In this article, we will provide science-based information that will reveal facts about this myth.

Misleading infrared radiation 

Infrared radiation can lead to cancer, most people think. This began when people began to mistake it for ultraviolet radiation. The sun emits infrared and ultraviolet rays, although ultraviolet rays are the more dangerous of the two. The harm of ultraviolet rays is well known, and it has been found that excessive exposure to these rays can cause cancer cells to grow, and people generally have a general fear of sunlight.

However, ultraviolet light is the culprit. These rays may cause skin cancer and harm to the eye if you gaze straight at the sun. Studies have shown that infrared radiation is more like a blessing than a nightmare, and this happens often. misunderstood.

Sun-like warmth infrared heaters. We all know that the sun is the most natural heat source. The sun produces infrared rays, so human skin is naturally able to receive the infrared heat waves emitted by the sun. Infrared heat is not as high-frequency as ultraviolet and X-rays, and they are known to cause cancer. Therefore, the infrared heater is a safe heat source.

The infrared heat generated by these heaters does not heat the indoor air, and because the air does not heat up, the indoor humidity remains the same; this humidity helps asthma and allergy sufferers to relieve their pain. In addition, most bacteria cannot survive in a room with a humidity between 30% and 40%. Compared with convection heating, infrared heating is easier to kill bacteria. Convection heating makes the room dry enough for these microorganisms to survive. 

Ionizing is not infrared radiation.

There are specific limits to the extent that radiation is safe for health and does not pose a concern. It is called ionizing radiation and can cause cancer that is damaging to our health. Ionizing are X-rays and ultraviolet rays, while infrared radiation is below the ionizing threshold. There are three types of infrared radiation, which differ from each other based on their relative wavelengths. These are:

  • Mid-infrared (wavelength 810-3,000 nanometers)
  • Far infrared (wavelength 3,000-100,000 nanometers)
  • Near-infrared (wavelength 700-810 nanometers)

In 2006 the International Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Committee conducted research confirming that exposure to infrared radiation cannot result from skin cancer because of its non-ionizing nature.

Can the cause of indoor air pollution be Infrared heaters?

It is also crucial to know if infrared heaters can’t cause cancer but if they can contaminate indoor air. During most of their time, interior pollution is harder than outside pollution. The fact that most individuals do not know about the health risks from indoor pollution also is a significant aspect.

Two types exist: electric and gas infrared heaters. By employing spools that are good conductors, electric heaters turn electricity into thermal energy that generates no pollutants.

Most fuel-fired heaters (wood/gas/kerosene), by releasing carcinogenic pollutants, can create indoor pollution. In a gas infrared heater, however, only electromagnetic radiation is produced by gas in steel tubes/panels. Thus the infrared heater does not release cancer toxins or damage the air, unlike any other gas heater. Infrared heaters don’t additionally create carbon monoxide or greenhouse gasses.

Medical applications for infrared radiation

In fact, it is thought that infrared radiation is so safe that many forms of cancer can be cured by these rays today. Far-infrared radiation can methodically assault cancer cells in the body producing a significant decrease or even a full halt in development. This is due to the capacity to elevate the temperature of the objective tissues by means of infrared radioactivity to penetrate profoundly. Infrared radiation is also utilized to trigger biomedical devices to deliver medication to the human body’s target region.


Since the creation of infrared heaters, some have disputed their usefulness and fears of the health risks they might particularly cause cancer. But otherwise demonstrates scientific proof. They are more advantageous than harmful.

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