Do Linksys Extender Configuration In 5 Easy Steps

Though the Linksys extender configuration does not require any technical thing or any technical experts. As these devices come with easy setup processes, you will only require to get familiar with the setup process first. So that, you will succeed in performing the process yourself hassle-free and make the extender ready to use shortly. Here, go through these 5 simple setup points once and use them appropriately for a successful setup process. 

Make The Extender Configurable

As you get the extender with its packed box, do its unboxing and get the other things out as well. It is advisable to read the setup manual guide once, which you will receive with the extender itself. Later, attach the power cable to the extender and plug it into a power socket and check the power light. Once the extender becomes ready to configure, move to the next process. But, before doing that, make sure to collect the extender’s login and other details from its documentation guide. 

Attach Your Device To The Extender

In the second step, do the device networking process, that is attach your device to the extender’s network. Open the wireless network list on your device and look for the Linksys_EXT network. Select that network and fill in its password and tap on the Connect button. 

On the other hand, you can create a wired connection between your device and the extender. But, verify that the ethernet wire and ports are working on both gadgets. Now, insert the ethernet wire ends into the device and the extender’s ports. Doing so will provide your device with stable signals. 

Access Login Portal On The Web Browser

At this point, use that network-connected device and open any web browser on it. Go to the browser’s search bar and insert the extender’s web or IP address into it and click enter. Make use of the as the web address and as the IP. As a result, the Linksys extender login page will appear on the device’s screen consisting of the username and password field. Insert these details in the prompted fields and click on the Login button. Generally, the username and password are the “admin” by default, which you can change later from the extender’s management portal. 

Login Window On The App

In any case, if you are not able to access the login page on the web browser, you can opt to get this on the WiFi app. In this process, use the Linksys WiFi app instead of using the Linksys extender login page on the web browser. To do this, open the Google Play Store on your Android device or use the Apple App Store on your iOS device. Now, look for the Linksys Smart WiFi app and select the official one. 

Make sure that the app you select the latest version of the app to install. Give permission to your device to install the app and wait till it is installed. Afterward, open the app and go to the Linksys extender login window. Insert the username and the password in the fields and click Login later. But, use the updated or changed login credentials if you modified that earlier. Also, keep in mind to use the password accurately after verifying the numeric and special characters. 

Setup After The Linksys Login

In the last process, carry out the setup procedure once you are done with the login process. After visiting the next page by clicking on the login button, the network list will be visible on your device’s screen. From there, you can select the extender network to extend it. Fill in the network password and click on the Extend button. Soon, the Network Extended Successfully message will display on the device’s screen. 

Thereafter, create a new SSID network name once the Linksys range extender setup process is complete. Choose a unique SSID name for the network and set a numeric and special character mixed password for it. Avoid adding your personal information in the password like your contact number and birth date. But, try to add numeric, upper, lower case, and capital letters in the password to make it hard to guess. 

Thus, your Linksys range extender setup process will be completed in this way by using these 5 informative setup points. But, if you face any difficulty in the setup process, then don’t waste your time resolving that on your own. Instead, get in touch with our Linksys Technical Experts to take help and relevant guidance. 

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