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Do You Repair Pool Decks?

At Imagine Architectural Concrete we have now completed over 21,000 projects. From the smallest to the largest pool decks, from installing brand new pool decks to resurfacing old and damaged pool decks, from residential to commercial – we have done it all and continue to work every day on pool decks and patios across the Phoenix valley, here in Arizona.

Do you offer swimming pool deck repair? And the answer is yes, we do!
Let’s look at why you might need concrete pool deck repair. Even though most concrete pool decks are sealed, natural wear and tear will happen, particularly here in the extreme summer heat of Arizona. The combination of the intense sun and water from the pool can create damage including cracks, pits, and sunken areas if there is a problem with drainage. Of course, if the pool deck was not properly installed and not properly sealed in the first place by an unqualified contractor, then the damage will happen quicker and will need more extensive deck repair.

There is a lot that can be done to prevent concrete pool deck damage:

  • Regular brushing of the area to remove debris so they do not sit on the surface for a long time.
  • Minimizing water lying on the surface of the concrete pool deck.
  • Washing down the pool deck area.
  • Cleaning the pool deck area with materials appropriate to the material the pool deck is made of. Remember to be extra careful when cleaning natural stone to ensure you don’t create damage when you are trying to protect the surface.

The best preventative measure is proper installation
Our team is always on top of measuring drainage and angles to ensure that once the pool deck is in place, the water drains off the surface and water does not pool where it shouldn’t. We are experts in efficiently and effectively sealing the finished product to ensure durability and longevity.

Pool Deck Crack Repair
If a pool deck does require crack repairs, there are a wide range of skills and experience we can draw on to make sure the repair is effective and your pool deck will continue to live on for a long time.

  • Repair any minor cracks or pits
  • Resurface the concrete pool deck

When repairing a pool deck, it makes sense to employ the experts. There is nothing worse than a poorly patched area of pool deck where the colors and textures don’t match. Pool deck repair tucson is able to spend the time and use the skills to perfectly prepare the areas for concrete pool deck repair so the finished result looks like a brand new pool deck.

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