An extended warranty is basically the insurance policy of your vehicle. It make sure that you don’t have to pay a large amount for any unexpected repair. Extended warranty protects your vehicle beyond the original terms and keep your vehicle save and covered even after the completion of standard factory warranty. The warranty helps you to repair your vehicle for an agreed time period. It is usually the warranty for five years and it covers almost everything i.e.  the cost of repair of every single part  and labor of every part . It is not a lifetime warranty but it will be valid or can be used  for as long as you own it.


All dodge vehicles are covered under a factory Mopar factory warranty.

It usually cost a lot for about  $1,250 to $4,200 but it usually depends upon which vehicle you are repairing or what plan do you have for the vehicle. There are a lot of benefits of extended warranty . You can choose your repairer that you are comfortable with , also you can choose the parts of dodge vehicle and  you have the right to choose the deduction in the price of parts of that dodge vehicle and most  importantly you don’t have to pay fee towing. The warrant of the dodge vehicle can be shifted to any purchaser. He can continue to use the dodge warranty  for that dodge car or any vehicle for 50 dollars fees .  Extended warranty was lifetime warranty by Mopar  in start but based on experts opinion it became very costy or expensive for a person to afford so , now lifetime warranty doesn’t exist . It’s good to have dodge extended warranty but on the same time it sometimes Dodge extended warranty cost a lot more than you imagine. 


  • Dodge extended warranty is used to protect your car or any other vehicle after your factory warrant expires. 
  • It is helpful when you are on a picnic , drive , or for an outing if something goes bad with the car you can only call the third – party to come and repair the car . 
  • While , you can enjoy your time with your family .
  •  If you don’t have a dodge extended warranty you will have to find the repairer yourself and then repair the car because you (The owner )will be responsible for the car and if that’s the case you will not get to enjoy that time with your family or friends. 
  • According to GOOGLE  the repairing cost of the engine is between $600 and $2,500 


I want to ask  can you afford that much money? Because for some people pulling out that much money at once will cause a bad effect on their financial condition or situation . According to the experts , the repair of dodge warrant usually cost 634 dollars . Repairing the car is much more expensive than renewing the dodge warrant and much more reliable.

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