Does adding a Two-Car Garage add value to your home?

Modern homes, these days, are equipped with promising luxurious features installed to provide the residents with as much safety and convenience as possible. Some of these facets add to the personality of a home, while others enhance its functionality.

Among the multiple features that altogether help develop a modern home, a crucial one that can be replaced by none is a garage. Besides its primary purpose of being a secure and personal parking space for the owner, a garage has several additional utilisations. From functioning as a supplementary storehouse, a practical workshop area, and even a home office, a garage promises and provides versatility.

Considering the benefits a simple garage comes with, the value of a two-car garage will indeed be double that. It, without a doubt, makes a two-car garage, popularly known as a detached garage, a beneficial facet of a modern home.

If reports are to be considered, a two-car garage, by itself, escalates the market value of a home up to an impressive $50,000. The price values are even higher in urban areas where the lack of safe parking spaces is one of the significant problems.

Several persuading points make a strong case for how a two-car garage adds value to a home. Let’s check them out to get a thorough understanding of the benefits of a detached garage.

Overall Appeal

The properties equipped with the best features sell as instantly as hotcakes at the best reasonable prices in the real estate market. Besides architectural design and location, another crucial aspect that adds to the property’s value is its exclusive features.
Having a spacious private garage, preferably a two-car one, significantly elevates a home’s market value. So, if your question is, “Does Adding a Two-Car Garage Add Value to Your Home?” The simple answer is yes! Add to that some high-tech features accompanied by classy aesthetics, and a home’s worth will double up in no time.

Vehicle Safety

The most apparent yet vital purpose of a two-car garage is vehicle safety. We are all aware that the purchase and maintenance put a massive dent in our finances. Regardless of that, people are purchasing vehicles, some for the practical benefits and some for love for automobiles.

It is also seen that most people nowadays own more than one vehicle. In some cases, they belong to different family members, while others are differentiated as per purposes. Whatever be the reason, to safeguard the hefty financial investments vehicles are, a two-car garage makes for the perfect addition to a modern home. Furthermore, the theft rates worldwide aren’t providing any hope of reducing them anytime soon. So having extra protection is always better to give the owners the assurance they seek.

Additional Room Space

Even after accommodating two or more cars, a double garage usually has enough space left to be utilized for multiple other purposes. For example, as a gym, storage room, workshop area, extra bedroom, or a home office, people can use this extra space as per their likings.

The idea of renting it out as studio space is excellent for monetary benefits. But, apart from that, a double garage can be easily transformed into an event space, when required, to host small parties and social gatherings.

Reduces Toxin Exposure

Considering the ample space it requires, a two-car garage is usually built as a detached garage. The benefits of a two-car garage, detached from the main house, are plenty.

It prevents toxic car fumes from entering the household, safeguards it from any fire hazards occurring in the workshop, and keeps away noise and odours. The utilization of a two-car garage is to exceed significantly with the rise in the popularity of electric cars. What places are safer than one’s double garage for the electric cars to be recharged overnight?

Here are certain features that’ll make it a perfect one.

  • Proper Insulation: Although a garage doesn’t need air conditioning or heating, it needs the right insulation. Having proper insulation makes it a comfortable space despite the changing weather situations.
  • Metal Garage: Want to prevent loud noises from escaping the garage and, as mentioned above, to make the space comfortable for all weather? The perfect solution is to construct a metal garage or install metal panels to a previously built one.
  • Go for Steel: While people love a functional home, they like it even more regarding low maintenance. Opting for steel as a building material will amp up the durability and dependability of a double garage without burning holes in pockets. It, in turn, will add to the value of the entire home by considerably increasing its value in the market.
  • Pretty it Up: Along with functionality, people nowadays also care for aesthetics. Installing a catchy and sturdy garage door would undeniably escalate the ROI of the property. Adding durable flooring is another thoughtful renovation to make the space more functional while maintaining a specific aesthetic.


Renovating a garage or building a new one comes with certain unavoidable financial expenses. However, assessing the long-term benefits that come along with it indeed makes this one-time financial investment worth every penny spent. If a two-car garage is something you’re interested in, looking for innovative ideas on reliable online sites is an excellent place to start.

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