Does CBD Cause Red Eyes?

Most people believe that you’ll probably have red eyes if you use CBD products in the collective imagination. And the reason for this misconception is that cannabis is associated with symptoms including drowsiness and cerebral high, which lead to red eyes when they worsen. But statistically, the answer as to whether CBD makes your eyes red or not should be answered depending on the type of cannabis component in question. But to better understand the relationship between CBD and all cannabis components and red eyes, let’s explore the different kinds of cannabis extracts and how they work.

The Exact Relationship Between CBD and Red Eyes and Whether CBD Alone Can Cause Red Eyes

Although people will quickly identify or relate your red eyes, drowsiness, and euphoria as a sign of CBD consumption, the truth is that CBD doesn’t lead to red eyes unless it contains other cannabis elements. Red eyes are a sign and side effect of using cannabis components with a high amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. And when you suffer the side effects of THC, your eyes won’t only be dry but also watery and inflamed.

Why CBD Doesn’t Cause Red Eyes and Why THC Does

Unlike THC, CBD is responsible for therapeutic purposes such as relieving pain, alleviating stress, preventing anxiety, and even giving you a good night’s sleep. At the same time, CBD does help boost your moods and regulate most of your body’s functions. And the reason why CBD doesn’t cause red eyes is that it doesn’t influence your blood pressure, which is responsible for dilating your blood vessels, leading to red eyes.

On the other hand, THC is responsible for causing red eyes because it lowers your blood pressure. When this happens, your blood vessels dilate, and as a result, the blood vessels circulating blood to your eyes become more active, increasing the pressure and speed of blood in the eyes. As a result, small blood vessels appear in the eyes, causing them to appear dilated and reddish.

How to Deal With Red Eyes After the Consumption of CBD or THC Cannabis Products

While THC is responsible for causing red eyes, sometimes even CBD can cause the condition, especially when you smoke it. So, whether you take CBD or THC cannabis strains, here is how to deal with red eyes immediately.

Taking Stimulants

In a medical setting, stimulants are drugs or substances that speed up messages in your body and brain. These bodily messages refer to body impulses when the body responds to internal and external content, affecting its functionality. And in the relationship between cannabis and red eyes, stimulation can make you feel more awake, alert, energetic, and confident, which helps reduce the feelings of drowsiness responsible for watery and red eyes after consuming cannabis products.

These stimulants can include nicotine and caffeine. And when you take them, they automatically help induce vasoconstriction, which refreshes your blood vessels, which leads to dilation and thus reduces the redness in your eyes.

Using Cold Water

Like stimulating, cold water also helps encourage vasoconstriction, which reduces the dilation of blood vessels that cause red eyes. Coldwater reduces redness by forcing the body to push blood towards other vital organs. When this happens, less blood goes to the eyes, which then reduces the activeness of the blood vessels supplying the eyes and, as a result, reduces vasodilation. And there are two ways you can use cold water to relieve red eyes. One way is to take a bath that cools the body and reduces blood vessel dilation. Or, you could splash water on your face, which goes straight to the blood vessels supplying your face and eyes. 

In addition, another alternative to splashing cold water on your face is placing an ice pack across the eyes. Or, you could also use cucumber slices. Both of these methods work by moisturizing the skin around the eyes, and as a result, you feel refreshed, reducing the vasodilation of the blood vessels supplying the eyes.

Applying Eye Drops or Rosewater and Green Tea

If your red eyes symptoms worsen, stimulants and water might not clear the problem promptly. And if you want to reduce the symptoms quickly, you can use eye drops. Eye drop formulas work by revitalizing and soothing the eyes, which helps them reduce any side effects of drugs and substances, including redness caused by CBD and TH cannabis extracts. On the other hand, rosewater and green tea also help by reducing the vasodilation of blood vessels, causing redness.  

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