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DOGGY Token How To Buy Doggy Coin?

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A few Weeks ago, Crypto Punks broke into the information when 3 pixelated aliens were auctioned for a few million dollars. 10,000 of these aliens were procedurally designed, and soon became a collectors’ trophy for its Ethereum community.

On the other hand, a meme Token without utility, $DOGE or #Dogecoin, thanks to celebrities like Elon Musk, made an impact in early 2021, climbing from 0.01 to about 0.80 at the time of composing that Medium.

That’s why we want to Introduce one to $DOGGY, with the goal to bring to Binance Smart Chain the best of the 2 worlds mentioned above.

What is $DOGGY

$DOGGY is your coin which would Allow you to swap for Crypto Doggy #NFT. These cute animated doggies are made by a few of our featured musicians, and will have a gif format. Like Crypto Punks, they’ve been procedurally created, leading to 10,000 different types of Doggies, using distinct rarity, from commons into uncommons or rare, providing to a number of them more classic price.

Some of the features that Inform us and provides us a special value is your Burning Mechanism. This will occur each time a user purchases among the Doggies #NFT in the doggy store or the NFT marketplace.

In a nutshell: You will have A meme market with burning mechanics, that can turn into a distinctive collectible item with different types of rarity, which can be tradable from the NFT market.

Know more about our Doggies!

created. All dogs are unique and animated as follows:

Doggies will be Cryptographically generated with a series of different characteristics like Dog kinds, colour scheme, eye blinking, and tongue elongate or accessories including eyeglasses, scarf & hat.

Each characteristic has a Certain probability of occurrence, making some attributes rarer than others, so making a few dogs quite difficult to get.

The Doggie NFT will be Available at the Doggy Shop (beneath BakerySwap Gamification tab), and can only be purchased with $Doggy.

About $DOGGY token and

$DOGGY will have a total Supply of 5 billion coins, and 4 billion of them will be accessible through the IDO in BakerySwap.

The residual 1 billion is going to Be utilized as initial liquidity, rewards into the Bakery community, Bakery promoters, as well as the Doggy developers & artists working on the Crypto Doggy project.

$DOGGY can be used to get a Crypto Doggy NFT at the Doggy Shop or NFT market.

In the Doggy Shop, users can Acquire a random NFT Doggy using 500k $DOGGY, and this 500k $DOGGY will probably be burnt .

At the NFT marketplace, users Can purchase an NFT doggy directly from others or market their own NFT Doggies at whatever price they like. The NFT market is only going to support $DOGGY payment. For every trade, there will be a 5% commission fee in $DOGGY, and each of the commission fees will be burnt!

· $DOGGY Total Supply: 5 Billion $DOGGY

· Price: 1 BNB = 1 Million $DOGGY

· Single Address Limit: 20 BNB

What to do following IDO?

· $DOGGY trading on Bakery AMM exchange

· Acquire a random NFT Doggy using 500k $DOGGY in the Doggy Shop (in Gamification section)

· List your doggies on the NFT market, or buy the ones that you like in the market with $DOGGY

· $DOGGY token and Doggy NFT could be staked to farm additional tokens in later activities

Time Schedule

· May 11th, by 9:00 AM UTC: $DOGGY trading and liquidity farming

· Around May

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