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Don’t Miss This Hot Summer Trend

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Summer’s here and so are the hot trends. One of the hottest summer trends, as per a prestigious fashion magazine, is logo tanks. Well, if tank tops are not your thing, then you can follow this trend on your favorite T-shirt. Create a logo on a white shirt and make an impact. 

What do you need for this trend? 

Plain-colored apparel would do. White is the “in” color, but you can take any pastel. Choose a logo that you wish on the shirt. Now, choose a reputable designer such as Custom Shirt Printings

Place an order for the logo design. In case of doubt or queries, you can talk or chat with the customer service officials. 

The designers at the service will get to work on your shirt to give it a new look. They will deliver your order on time. 

How do wear this trend?

You can coolly pair your logo-designed shirt with black or dark-colored pair of jeans. If you wish to go monochrome, choose jeans with a pastel color too. 

However, if you are on the heavier side, we would suggest choosing dark-colored jeans, as it gives the illusion of slim legs. 

A chic logo-designed custom T-shirt also goes well with a bohemian style skirt. Bring out those frilly skirts and pair your tee with them. 

Know what? Your customized tee can transform into sexy attire when you pair it with a mini skirt or cropped pair of shorts. Don’t forget to wear that attitude! 

Cost of customizing a shirt

Oh well, you won’t break the bank for this, trust us! The prices are so competitive you may want to pinch yourselves to believe you are not dreaming. Moreover, if you order custom T-shirts in bulk, your wallet can dance with joy. 


The best part is the designers deliver on time whether you order one shirt or too many. They are professionals in their work. They are dedicated to delivering excellent quality to customers. 

Be trendy this summer

Wait no more. The logo trend is expected to stay till fall. You can have as many shirts and other apparel “logo-ed” by that time. Some of the most reputable designers encourage fashionistas to make your own shirt

Where to put the logo? 

That depends on your style. Put it in the upper center or on any one side. Or you could print a huge logo on the center. 

However, the trend that’s seen on the runway is a small logo on the center or side. 

The dominating color is white, but we urge you to try various shades. You can even go bold and try bright colors like neon and others. Put a black-colored logo over the bright color. 

Once you contact a reputable custom T-shirt shop, you are never short of ideas. Thanks to the pros, it is easier to design a shirt as you wish. Flaunt your style this season without hesitation. 

Pastels or bright, the colors should match your mood. 

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