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Dreading the Move with a Baby? Here’s Your Guide to Make It as Easy as ABC

Moving out and settling into a new place is no less than an adventure. The experience is exciting until…there are babies involved. The adventure appears quite daunting, and it can give jitters (literally).

We understand that infants and moving together don’t really make a nice combination. Families need more time, energy, and a whole lot of patience to pack the stuff and plan the move.

If you are looking for some killer tips and tricks for moving with a baby, you are at the right place. Today’s post will share a list of some simple tips which will make your move smoother and less stressful with an infant.

So, without further ado, let’s start!

10 Tips To Make a House Move Easier with Infants

  1. Hire Professional Movers 

Trust us on this; having professional movers onboard can reduce your stress and anxiety about moving out. The experienced movers are experts at what they do. Hence, hiring them would make your move a hassle-free process. 

Professional movers will simplify the task for you. They’ll pack your stuff, load it in the vehicle, and even help you unbox your stuff at the new location. This will help you stay close to your baby and keep a watchful eye on him. Because babies do not need a lot of time to pull off a stunt and hurt themselves. And we are sure that’s the last thing you’d want on your moving day.

Talk to your friends and families to get suggestions for the best movers in the town. According to Texas Moving USA, an Austin Moving Company, the best movers are the ones that 100% satisfy the customers with their moving services. Hence, ensure to hire a professional, helpful, and courteous company.

Let’s move on to the second tip on the list…

  1. Give the Baby a Quality Night of Sleep before the Move

The moving day means waking up early and the constant hustle and bustle in the house. Your baby’s poor night of sleep can make matters worse. So, the night before you move out, put your baby to sleep early. Don’t keep him up for long hours, or else he’ll wake up irritated and cranky the next day.

Try to limit the noises as much as you can while the baby is asleep. A well-rested baby is less likely to be fussy in a chaotic situation. You won’t have to exhaust yourself to soothe the baby while moving out your stuff and traveling to the new address.

Up next, we have…

  1. Pack Your Child’s Belongings at the End 

Imagine this:

On a moving day, your baby cries his lungs out. He wants his favorite toy that you have packed and loaded in the truck. 

Did the mere imagination give you chills down your spine? Yes?

Beware of this situation and always pack your baby’s belongings in the end. Do not pack them days or weeks before the actual moving day. Ideally, pack your baby’s bag just a few hours before you move out. 

It’s time for the 4th tip on the list, which is:

  1. Pack the Nursery’s Item in one Box and Label It 

Never pack nursery’s items with other things. Because trust us, you’ll have a huge load of trouble finding things to set up the nursery at the new place.

Always pack the nursery’s items in separate boxes. For instance, dismantle the crib, high chair, etc., pack them separately in different boxes, and label them. Similarly, pack the crib sheets, blankets, pillows, etc., in a box and label it along with the items you’ve packed inside.

This will make it super easy for you to set up your baby’s nursery right after moving into your new place.

While we are on the subject of nursery and baby items, let’s not forget about…

  1. Have a Separate Moving Day Essential Bag

Babies possess the supernatural power of surprising their parents least expect it. Hence, be prepared for all the surprises your baby throws at you on a moving day. 

Prepare a bag with the following items to cater to the baby’s needs on a moving day and while commuting:

  • Bamboo cloth nappies (lots of them)
  • Baby wipes
  • Formula milk 
  • Bottles and pacifiers 
  • A few toys
  • Extra pair of clothing
  • Baby blanket
  • Baby soap 
  • A snack

The next tip on the list is to…

  1. Cover Electrical Outlets

While you are immersed in packing and loading the stuff, don’t forget about covering the electrical outlets. The tiny inquisitive baby in your house can insert his fingers and get seriously hurt. Be very vigilant about the babies during the move. They can bump into heavy furniture pieces or boxes and get severe injuries.

The best way to avoid all the inconveniences on a moving day is to ask for help. Call your friend or a family member to babysit your little one while you’re busy. Let’s talk more about it in the following paragraphs.

  1. Get a Babysitter

Taking care of the baby during the move is a daunting task. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Your friends and family would be happy to spend time with your baby while you take care of other stuff. 

If nobody is available to help, you can hire a professional nanny for a few hours. It will put you at ease about your baby’s safety and comfort even when the whole house is cluttered with boxes and movers.

Up next, we have…

  1. Unpack the Nursery First 

Remember we talked about packing the nursery items separately and preparing an essential bag for babies?

It will pay you off once you’ve moved into the new place. You can unpack the boxes and set up the crib, and put other items in their place. Next, unpack the essential bag and bathe your baby. Change him into fresh clothes and put him to sleep.

Once your baby is all set and ready to doze off, you can carry on with unpacking other boxes.

But, wait…what if the baby refuses to sleep and becomes fussy at the new place?

No problem, keep reading to find the solution.

  1. Switch On the TV

Cellphones, TVs, and tablets are not good entertainment options for a baby. The blue light emitted from the smart devices is unhealthy. But, using them once in a while to calm down your baby isn’t really a bad option. Ask your spouse, elder child, or other family members to sit with the baby and play nursery rhymes or cartoons on TV, mobile, etc.

Watching colorful characters and mellow music will surely put your baby in a pleasant and playful mood.

And the most important tip…

  1. Stay Calm

Yes, stay relaxed and don’t sweat if things don’t go as planned. 

Mark our words: even if you have planned out every minute of the moving day, things will still go a little rough when you have a baby.

Instead of losing control and your temper, stay relaxed. Take care of your baby and let the movers handle the rest. Enjoy your last moment in the house and make happy memories, rather than fretting over the things that aren’t going as your plan.

Let’s Move Out, Baby…

Moving out and settling into a new space is a tedious task. And when there’s a baby involved, the tedious task intensifies gazillions of times.

But, you don’t have to worry anymore. Because we’ve just shared some simple yet effective tips to move out with the baby, especially the first tip.

Packing and moving are chaotic, and everyone is on their toes. However, make sure that there’s someone to watch your baby while packing and unpacking stuff. Or else, these little ones will surprise you with a few tricks of their own.

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