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Dried Flowers are the newest wedding flower trend.

Dried flowers have that dishevelled-cool personality that some lucky folks can pull off thanks to their muted colours and naturally rough edges.

The most popular floristry trend this year is preserved and dried flowers. It’s time to shake off their shabby image and fall in love with the sun-bleached hues and textured variety. 

Dried flowers are forever flowers that work well in both antique and modern weddings, and combining exotic blossoms, seed pods, dried grasses, and other long-lasting botanicals into your wedding décor can be quite impressive.

How can you incorporate dried flowers into your wedding?

  • Buttonholes & Bouquets : Although gentle earthy tones are the most popular sorts of dried flowers, don’t feel limited to them. Dried flowers come in a variety of colours, including reds, purples, blues, pinks and yellow, to mention a few. You can also construct smaller replicas of your dried flower bouquet to match the posies, buttonholes, and corsages worn by your bridesmaids!
  • Tablescapes and Decorations : You can keep it basic or go all out with your floral arrangements depending on your theme and the time of year. Floral runners, centrepieces, dispersed vases with pampas grass, even hanging wreaths and dried flower arrangements can all be used to welcome your guests to an earthly wealth.
  • Flower crown and hair accessories : Looking for the ideal exquisite hairdo to complete your ensemble? Dried Australian native flowers are the new fad, and with so many different colours and styles to pick from, as well as the fact that they are completely weightless, they are the ideal way to liven up any hairstyle. Just keep an eye out for any dropping petals while you’re dancing the night away with your bridesmaids!
  • Backdrops & Arches : With an assortment of fluffy pampas grass framing you and your sweetheart as you say ‘I do’ on the altar (and just think of the pictures!) create your own heaven on earth. You may also create stunning dried flower backdrops that won’t wilt or fade over the day, allowing you to unwind while capturing those all-important Instagram moments!

What Types of Dried Flowers Work Best for Your Wedding?

While practically any flower can be dried, some flowers work better in bouquets and arrangements than others. You want something hardy for flowers so you don’t drop petals all day – your florist can advise you on what will work for your wedding.

Grass : Pampas grass, Purple Fountain grass, sedge, wheat, fern, and Bunny Tail grass are examples of grasses.

Leaves : Eucalyptus and chrysanthemum leaves, for example.

Fronds Palm leaves and ferns are examples of fringes.

Branche : Cotton, tallowberry, and Pussy Willow branches, as well as lunaria (also known as Money Plant, Honestly Plant, or Silver Dollar).

Plants : Flowers from plants include craspedia (also known as Billy Balls), gomphrena, and artichoke

Seed Pods : Poppy seed pods, physalis seed pods, and lotus seed pods are examples of seed pods.

Dried Flowers : Hydrangea, delphinium, chamomile, limonium, amaranthus, Baby’s Breath, roses, sedum, lavender, carnations, rice flower, protea, and helichrysum are examples of dried flowers.

Due to their long-lasting nature and effortlessly stylish appearance, dried bridal flowers are having a moment. Here’s how to put them to good use on your special day.

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