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Dry Disconnect and-Break-Away Coupling

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Dry disconnect couplings reduce spills and releases caused by accidental hose or loading arm separation by “slamming shut” poppets in the male and female components of the unit. Dry disconnect coupling safeguard employees and the environment by preventing unintentional spills. Dry disconnect couplers, which are designed for safe and simple operation with minimal operator intervention, can completely revolutionize your operation.

Safety is always a priority. Using a simple tug lever, there is a need to seal off the edges during the liquid transfer. This helps to increase the work efficiency and reduce the manual flow with dry disconnect and breakaway coupling. Dry disconnect coupling helps to keep the liquid or gas contained during a transfer. This ensures that the worming space is kept clean with minimum spillage, thus saving time, team, and resources. The operational impact on the environment is reduced as well as the safe transfer of harmful liquids and chemicals.

On the other hand, the breakaway coupling is designed to provide optimum safety transfer of hazardous materials such as chemical and toxic fluids . This helps ensure there is maximum protection against the catastrophic damage incidents caused by the pressure drop and in easy flow interiors. Dry disconnect and breakthrough doubling can be applied in the food and beverage industry, automotive and general, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical and marine shipping industries. The benefit of this is that it helps to ensure that the environment is kept safe, For more information please visit : https://www.pharmchem.com.sg/dry-disconnect-and-break-away-coupling/.

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Pipe pigment equipment is used to ensure that there is effective and efficient maintenance of the pipes. This is done without stopping the daily operation, saving time and resources. There is a quality guarantee and effectiveness of the product. The company also offers quality stainless steel hose that is preferred because of the favorable characteristic of being more durable as compared to others. The houses are preferred because they can withstand harsh conditions.


The sanitary fitting and valves for the pipe provide quick and secure tuning attachments with the control of the various industrial applications. These parts help to reduce the renewal of the parts due to increased durability. There is also a high level of sanitation since there is the prevention of possible risk of contamination and hoses of your machinery. The company also offers a range of fitting depending on the customer’s needs. We also offer the stainless-steel expansion joint that helps to solve all the pipe problems.

Dry disconnect and breakaway coupling is also enhanced by rubber join expansion joints. The joint is suitable for all types of industrial application, the joint has excellent ability to sate sound and vibration. The joint is easily installed in the pipes due to its flexibility and soft material. We also have a fabric expansion joint that is used to enhance coupling. This is a high fabric expansion joint that is the best for the gaseous media, the joint ensures that there is no leakage of the gaseous. The joint also has the ability to handle optimized temperature. The joints are manufactured using asbestos and commonly used for axil, angular and lateral expansion in pipelines. The joins can be supplied in any shape and this makes coupling a success.

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