Dumpster Rental for Building Work

Everyone and everything produces waste through general life and normal behavior. Waste is a fact of life, but it is probably not something you think about very often. You produce waste, put the trash out, and someone takes it away. Job done. But what happens when you start on a project that produces too much waste to fit in your home trash receptacles? Projects like building work or home renovations can produce a lot of waste, and working out what to do with that trash is important. Renting a dumpster is the best way to deal with all that home renovation waste, and the process of Bridgeport dumpster rental is actually surprisingly straightforward. Let us look at the basics of dumpster rentals and skip hire in Bridgeport!

Home Renovation and Waste Management

When you embark on a home renovation or building project, you are going to start producing a lot of waste. That could be offcuts from materials or the remains of an older bit of building that you are tearing down. Disposing of that waste properly and responsibly is important, as you can’t just dump it in the street. That means you will need to engage the services of waste management contractors.

So, what is “waste management”? Well, it is a term covering every stage of the trash disposal process, from collection to treatment to final disposal. For household waste, municipally hired contractors will take care of that. For larger quantities, you will have to hire those contractors yourself. The good news is that most dumpster rental companies will also provide uplift and disposal services for your waste!

Dumpster Rental

Most cities and towns in the US have their own local dumpster rental firms, and Bridgeport dumpster rental is no different. You can hire a dumpster for around a week with ease, giving you somewhere to dispose of waste as you produce it, and then the company will take it all away for disposal at the end of the weak. Easy!

The cost of dumpster hire will vary depending on where you are and the size of dumpster you need to rent. In most cases, smaller dumpsters will cost you around $200 for a week’s rental, while larger dumpsters are likely to cost around $500 per week.

How Many Dumpsters do I need to rent?

Often, renting one single dumpster is not enough. Just like household trash, the waste produced in building works needs to be sorted. You can’t throw out recyclables, compostables, and landfill in the same receptacle! Fortunately, unless you are doing major garden work, compostables are not much of a concern. If you are working on an historic building, you should also use specialist companies like Paramount Pointing, who will keep as much of the historic fabric as possible, but waste will still be produced. Recyclables and landfill are much more likely to be an issue for your project, so you may want to consider renting separate dumpsters for these!


If you are working on a home renovation or building works, renting a dumpster is the best way to handle waste management. The earlier you start thinking about this part of the process, the more likely you are to be able to sort out having a dumpster delivered early enough to start your project on time!

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