Edison High School Pride Video – All the Details You Need to Know!

This article on Edison High School Pride Video explains all the details about the pride video shown at Edison High School.

Are you familiar with Edison High School? You may have heard of the viral video about Edison High School. The video of Edison High School is a viral video on social media and the Internet. People from the United States have been shocked by the video. This post on Edison High School Pride Video will explain all the details about the viral video from Edison High School. We recommend everyone to read the post until the end.

What happened at Edison High School?

The main topic of discussion across all social media platforms is Edison High School. A teacher at Edison High School has been accused of forcing students to watch pride videos in class. The students felt awkward and refused the video. The teacher then threatened to send the students to detention on Saturday if they refused to watch the video. Edison High School bell schedule was also searched, but no information is available. The video of pride was shown to the students in maths class. The act was secretly recorded by a student and then posted on social media.

Why did the teacher show the video of pride?

Tiffany Clark is suspected of being the math teacher who showed the video about pride in the classroom. This is not confirmed. The teacher used the video to promote June’s pride month. She thought she was educating the children on pride month by playing the video. Edison High School football was also trending online, but there were no details about football at Edison High School. The worst part of the incident was when the teacher threatened to detain anyone who refused to watch the video. Edison High School also hasn’t taken any previous steps in relation to the viral video.

How has the viral video been received on social media?

People on social media are angry after hearing about the video. They are always making mean comments to the Edison High School Pride Video. The public was shocked and asked how a teacher could force students to watch anything. People were angry with the high school teacher for showing this video. They even called for her suspension. Some people said the teacher should be fired. Some people also said that the teacher was wrong to use the video of pride as a way to educate children.

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It was wrong for the math teacher who forced her students to watch a video about pride against their will. Visit this link to for more information about the pride video

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