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Charts are important for any business as they help you organize, analyze, and compare data. You can create them from scratch using platforms like Word, Excel, or other chart-making tools. Or, you can take advantage of editable charts on EdrawMax and personalize them to your liking in no time. 

In fact, the template community on EdrawMax is so vast that you can find hundreds of uploaded charts ready to be customized. In the following EdrawMax review, let’s learn more about the features and benefits of its editable templates community. 

Why Should You Prefer Editable Charts?

Editable charts are interactive charts where you can readjust the components. They are ready-made and need a few tweaks to fit your perfect chart requirements. You can add new elements, delete or change data, and replace shapes in a chart. 

Such features make editable charts the top choice of everyone. But, what’s even more important is the right place to find them. And that’s where EdrawMax comes into play! 

EdrawMax is an all-in-one advanced diagram maker. It offers 14000+ free editable templates to quickly create charts to customize. All you need to do is search the chart type and the tool will provide you with endless templates, all ready to be edited. You can also create diagrams and charts in the tool and upload them to the template community for others to use. 

In other words, it’s hard to talk of interactive charts without mentioning EdrawMax. The tool includes over 26000 symbols in the Symbol Library for easy customization. You can also format your graph using a long list of features. This includes the floating menu, various style options, and different types of connectors. 

It takes significantly less time to readjust charts than to create them from scratch. Besides, higher productivity and less exhaustion are other benefits of using editable templates. 

Features Of EdrawMax To Create And Edit Charts

There are so many types of charts and diagrams that you can edit with EdrawMax. It can be a bar graph, column chart, pie chart, line graph, or any other chart type. You can also edit bubble diagrams, org charts, and different flowcharts in EdrawMax.

All these chart types are easy to customize for both beginners and experts. Let’s look into some of the best features of EdrawMax that will help you do that!

Symbol Library

As mentioned earlier, you can find more than 26000 symbols in the Symbol Library. All these symbols and shapes are classified into hundreds of categories. These are further divided into subsets to help you quickly find the correct symbol. You can select, move, rotate, resize, flip, and do many other customizations with symbols. 

Floating Menu

The floating menu offers quick controls to customize an object on the canvas. You can access the menu by clicking on any shape and editing it on the spot. It has all the basic editing features like font size and type, text styles, format painter, shape fill, etc. 


EdrawMax offers various types of connectors to link two shapes. You can choose between straight, curved, and freeform connectors. Plus, the tool allows you to add, move, or delete connection points between shapes. When drawing a decision shape in a flowchart, the connection tool automatically adds a YES or NO between shapes.  

Symbol Protection

Editing diagrams can be challenging if they have lots of objects. You can avoid accidentally modifying symbols and shapes by locking them. The symbol Protection feature locks objects which makes it impossible to select them. Thus, you can keep editing your chart without having unwanted or unnoticed changes.  

Group & Ungroup Symbols

This is like symbol protection, except you can edit grouped objects. The feature helps collectively edit a group of symbols instead of individual customization. After that, you can ungroup symbols to edit objects separately. 

Personal Symbols & Library

Another great feature of EdrawMax is that you can create symbols and save them in a personal library. Select two or more shapes and combine them to create a new symbol. Then, you can save your created symbols in “My Library” in the left column. 

Auto Formatting

Auto-formatting is a game-changing feature in EdrawMax. It cuts the time to half by allowing you to switch between various pre-added themes and colors to customize your chart.

Why Is EdrawMax Better?

EdrawMax is an excellent diagram maker for drawing or editing charts, diagrams, and maps. It is popular because of its advanced features over other alternatives. So, let’s see how EdrawMax is better than many other drawing tools like Excel, Visio, SmartDraw, etc. 

  • Microsoft Excel supports shapes and symbols, but it is a spreadsheet tool. It is not designed for diagram creation. However, EdrawMax is specifically for charts, maps, and all your diagramming needs. 
  • Microsoft Visio is another competitor of EdrawMax but has a complex installation process. While EdrawMax is easy to download and install. 
  • Further, Visio only includes a few features for simplified chart creation. EdrawMax has all the tools and templates accessible from the main window. Even beginners can learn to make charts straightaway on the tool. 
  • About advanced features like templates and symbol collections, EdrawMax is better than SmartDraw. It has unlimited editable templates and hundreds of symbols to choose from. On top of that, you can also create your symbols by combining two or more shapes. 

Is It Worth The Money?

EdrawMax is available in both online and offline versions. You can access the online version from anywhere, but the desktop application is limited to the device it is installed onto. Further, the online version has limited features compared to the desktop (offline) application. 

The good thing is that you can unlock all the features of EdrawMax Online by subscribing to a plan. The premium version has more advanced features than the free one. Some of them are as follows:

  • Full access to all platforms 
  • Free upgrades and priority support 
  • Additional free cloud storage
  • File backup & recovery

Exciting, right? The best thing is that EdrawMax Online has various pricing categories and plans to help you find the best one for your work. The following is a quick look into Edrawmax free vs. paid packages:

  • Individual:
    • Subsciption Plan: 
      • Semi-annual: $69
      • Annual: $99
      • Lifetime Plan: $198
  • Team & Business:
    • Team Plan: 
      • Annual: $119 (one user; can be upgraded to 11 users)
      • 3-year: $199 (one user; can be upgraded to 11 users)
    • Business Plan (for 20+ users; require a quote)
  • Education: 
    • Semi-Annual Plan: $62
    • Annual Plan: $85 $99
    • 2-Year Plan: $139


Editable charts are so much better than designing one from scratch. You can save time and effort and increase productivity and efficiency by customizing hundreds of free editable templates on EdrawMax. 

While EdrawMax Online is free, you can unlock its advanced features by upgrading to a premium account. It has many subscription packages with further sub-plans to help you find the right one for your work.


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