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Eleceed Chapter 175 Eleceed Chapter 174

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Are you a lover of Eleceed Manga series? Are you aware of the most recent chapter Chapter 175? Are you curious to know more? If yes, then you might be interested in reading this article.

Eleceed is a well-known manga series which is available on Korean as well as English. Fans of the Eleceed manga around the world are always looking for the most recent chapter release dates and spoilers. In this article we will look at the most recent Eleceed Chapter 175.

What is Eleceed?

The manga Eleceed was created by the artist and drawn by ZHENA. The manga is available in Korean dialect via Naver’s Naver Webtoon website and English as well as Korean on the Webtoon website or app. On October 2, 2018 the manga’s first chapter was published through the Korean Naver website.

The show follows Jiwoo’s journey as he discovers a brand new world filled with people who have special abilities. After having spent the majority of his life hiding his talents, a encounter with Kayden opens him up to an entirely different world that has different kinds of laws.

Before we get to know what we know about Eleceed Chapter 175 Let us review the previous Chapter 174.

Eleceed Chapter 174

At the end of Chapter 174, Julien is astonished when he discovers that the Awakener Association’s chief is younger than Julien. He thinks it’s because the Awakener Association’s chief is a young woman, and their qualifications must be very inadequate. In his speech, Julien reveals that he along with his grandfather are headed to Korea.

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Then, at the end of the Chapter, Julien begins to question whether the vow she’s so frightened to keep is due to Jiwoo. While he appears cool, he appears to be agitated due to this.

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Eleceed Chapter 175

in Chapter 175, Julian stated that as long as Jiwoo strikes him, he’ll consider the incident as a loss. Julian does this not out of pride but because of his position As we’ve observed Julian appears quite humble and friendly.

Jiwoo tried to set into a light shot but immediately after the fight started the fighter rushed towards Julian and hit him in the face with all his force and speed before Julian was able to respond. Jiwoo was declared as the winner. Jiwoo tricked Julian and grandpa to believe that his main strength was lightning.

As we can see as seen Eleceed Chapter 175, Julian officially lost the fight. But, despite being hit with the full force of Jiwoo’s attack and being physically injured, Julian was not hurt. Jiwoo’s top speed has knocked out the rest of the crowd, even the Klein brothers and the Duke. This is a proof of Julian’s strength.

Jiwoo is also summoning lightning only the second time, without speed, which was seen at the beginning of the battle. This may suggest that Jiwoo will be able enhance his arsenal in the future, possibly including lightning strikes that can be ranged.


Chapter 175 in Chapter 175 of the Eleceed manga collection is very fascinating. While Jiwoo’s victory isn’t a to be fair, we’ll be able to see the consequences of Jiwoo’s victory in the next chapter.

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