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Essential Email Marketing Procedure & Tips For Amazon Resellers To Attract Customers

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Finding the proper email marketing way is not an easy task for any Amazon seller. Don’t worry! The article below will provide you with valuable tips to attract more customers.

Amazon is now a crowded market with increased competition, requiring a further powerful and strategic way to build a stable business. Indeed, email marketing is favorable by many Amazon sellers in terms of building a relationship with customers and also enhancing brand awareness.

However, successfully implementing an email marketing campaign is a whole different story. Hence, the following article will provide you with 3 valuable tips to correctly catch up with your targets.

1. Build An Email List

Regarding the fierce competitiveness of Amazon, it is essential to have your email list of potential customers.

As you know, there are not many Amazon sellers who can build an email list due to the limited information of customers following Amazon’s policy. As a result, making the email database will be your significant advantage in the first step in email marketing strategy. Otherwise, your business is on the defensive to sell exclusively on Amazon.

In this situation, building a sales funnel is the strategic approach. You will drive the traffic from different channels for your landing page to directly communicate with the targets and gradually lead them to your Amazon site. So, here are some channels you can make use of to find potential customers:

Business’s website

If you are an SME with a tight budget, the business website will come in handy to gain customer’s email databases.

Generally, the website has stable and significant traffic via the insightful blog or attractive sale campaign to encourage customers to subscribe. This way might take time, but you will build your email list with fewer expenses.

External traffic channels

Apart from the main website, don’t forget to use your external channels, for instance, social media. In the digital age, it is evident that these social media channels are the large pool to approach the target customers, especially when they haven’t reached your website.

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The business can consistently conduct social media campaigns, sales promotions, or wise content to harmonize with the target audience and gradually lead the traffic to the landing page.

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Paid ads

Supposed that sellers have extra or enough budget for marketing activities, then paid ads are the excellent choice to select. Unlike websites or external channels, paid ads won’t take much time to approach potential customers due to intelligent algorithms. However, be mindful of this method to reach the proper targets without annoying or spamming them.

Additional service after the purchase

When the customers buy products on Amazon or your website, you might take further steps to encourage them to leave feedback or conduct an additional promotion code. As a result, the sellers deliver the dedicated service and guide the customers to leave messages and information on your database system.

2. Create Attractive Email Marketing Content

Building an extensive database of email is the first milestone to communicate directly with potential customers. Then the email content plays a vital role in nurturing and building up relations with them gradually. However, don’t be rushed to send sales content instantly, which might distract or lack trust to follow your brand continuously.

Instead, let’s plan the content strategy for your email marketing campaign with the fundamental steps below!

Set up goals

The foremost thing is to define your objectives in this email marketing campaign in each specific stage, such as building trust, customer retention, kick sales, etc. Then, it is more obvious to select the proper kind of content to approach.

Define your target customers

The next step is to determine your target audience, which is essential for auditing email marketing metrics.

After conducting some market research about your business field, you can segment the potential market to filter the ideal customers from your email database list. Indeed, the fastest way to list out the valid email is to clarify the apparent target audience portrait.

Deliver insightful content and appeal visually

After defining the potential customers, it is essential to understand them deeply to find out their insight. This leads to delivering insightful content to attract and retain customers.

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Aside from the main content, you should consider some relevant tactics to encourage the reader to open the email. Generally, the subject and short introduction of the email are well-considerable because they are the initial part to notify and reach the target audience.

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Besides, being mindful of eye-catchy email visuals will allow the email readers to catch up on your messages quickly. You can outsource a freelancer to design the template or design on your own if you have the basic knowledge about graphic design tools. Otherwise, you might take advantage of Mailchimp to create an excellent template.

3. Track Your Email Marketing Metrics

Conducting successful email marketing requires many metrics to keep track and manage the email marketing ROI.

Furthermore, audit email marketing allows you to review after the email marketing campaign and supports customization during the whole process. Some standard metrics you might find out are open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, unsubscribe rates, spam complaints, engagement over time, domain click rate, revenue per mail, and so forth.

Indeed, many Amazon sellers won’t have the intensive knowledge relevant to some mentioned metrics above. Therefore, apart from acquiring a basic understanding of these terms, you can use simple tools like Hubspot or Mailchimp to audit your email marketing campaign effectively.

Otherwise, it is easier to outsource the experienced one to support you keep track and manage the email database.

Wrap Up

In a competitive marketplace like Amazon, the sellers require intelligent email marketing to attract more customers. Therefore, some valuable tips above hopefully support your business to have the proper mindset and tactics to implement the email marketing campaign effectively.

If you have any further interests, don’t hesitate to leave a message to discuss this topic more. Also, feel free to share this article with your team if you find it helpful.

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