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Essential kitchen renovation checklists

The kitchen is a place of love and labor. It is one of the busiest parts of your home. A perfect avenue where hearty meals are prepared with loving hands, slicing ingredients to bits, pouring condiments and spices, while inhaling the aroma of your soon-to-be vibrant meal. An inspiring kitchen environment creates a motivating cooking session. The kitchen is not just a place of cooking, it is also a place of bonding. Wouldn’t it be nice if your kitchen looked the way you want it to be?

Cabinet Makers on the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years. Look Cabinets has been providing kitchen renovation services to locals. Why not Book a design consultation with the team at Look Cabinets. If it’s design inspiration you are looking for they have the largest kitchen showroom on the Sunshine Coast. Here are some guidelines to consider before embarking on a kitchen renovation project.

Setting your budget

Kitchen renovations come with a price. It is very important that you are prepared financially for the expenses you may face. Sturdy materials might be costly but their durability will suffice its price. It is advisable that you have an extra budget just in case the cost goes overboard. Do this to avoid having an unplanned loan if the budget is not well planned. You do not want to turn the happy beginning of your kitchen renovation into a financial disaster that might lead to an unfinished project.

Your budget should not just include the renovation itself, but also the cost of shipping, transportation, tax, labor, and other additional materials that may come up to be important. Setting aside leeway for emergencies or additional costs is the best way to be prepared in budgeting.

Quality comes first

Investing in quality materials should be a priority in the renovation. It might be tempting to choose materials that cost less, but ensuring that it will last for a long time should not be compromised.As a customer, you should also check if the contractor chose quality materials for your kitchen. It is not wise to have a good-looking kitchen that has no quality. It will only double your expenses. Avoid a facade look in your kitchen. Ensure that your renovation is worth it.

You may save and have quality kitchen cabinets and drawers at the same time by availing of a discount or sale. Do not settle for less, invest in tough materials.

Kitchen Layout

The kitchen layout is an essential factor in the renovation. The layout is not just to make it look pleasing, it should be functional for you. A kitchen is a working place, you should be able to move on it safely and without difficulty. The space should be practical and effective for you to be able to work on. A workplace that is well laid out can make you more productive. 

You should also take into consideration the three most utilized items in your kitchen which are the refrigerator, sink, and stove. These three should be arranged in a way that you can easily reach them within your workstation.

In short, the kitchen layout should be neatly arranged and at the same time convenient for the user to move around.

Kitchen spacing

There are a lot of important items in your kitchen. Planning the spacing with the kitchen accessories is very vital to make it functional for you. Ensure also that the spacing is safe for everybody working in the kitchen. This is to avoid injuries from bumping onto counters, appliances, and even people.

  • Appliances-  Appliances can take up a lot of space but without them, cooking will not be that easy for you. Arrange these items by leaving some space for them to be properly opened even if you are moving around. The refrigerator if one of the items that take up a lot of space. You should ensure that it is not placed near the door as opening can block the opening. The width and height of it should be taken into consideration.
  • Counters-  Spacing the counter should be enough for you do to kitchen preparation and use the sink. These two are always interconnected. It should not be too wide, so overreaching is avoided.
  • Floor space-There should be enough space from the counter to the sink for people to walk around even if somebody is working in the kitchen. A good traffic flow helps people who are working in the kitchen to accomplish more tasks.

Research, inspect, speculate

You may hire a trusted contractor to do all the work for you yet it is still important that you know and understand what they are working on. Before you decide on having a kitchen renovation, you may do some research on what is important and relate it to what needs to change in your kitchen. It may be difficult to picture it out, especially if you have no background in the renovation field.

You may visit a showroom that will show you various designs and layouts for you to choose from. Do some exploration of which design or layout best suits your kitchen. Then analyze and speculate which fits perfectly for long-term use to make your money’s worth.

You may discuss this with your contractor. He may point out some advantages and disadvantages of your decision. It is important that you understand so you can be able to finalize your decision without any regrets.

The balance between need and want

Renovating your kitchen can be either your need or your want. The main question is if it fits your budget. We cannot deny that the cost is the main factor in your decision. Avoid purchasing appliances or accessories that might be too expensive but will not be fully utilized if your budget does not go with it. Remember, that your kitchen should be practical and functional. 

Any additional appliances may not just add up the cost of buying it but also the cost of using it. Do not forget that using it is accompanied by adding up to your electrical bill. Fancy accessories may look good in your kitchen, but if it does not promote functionality, they may only be an unnecessary expense.

Kitchen renovation comes with a price and a responsibility. You must be fully guided in the planning and process. Contact your trusted kitchen renovation contractor.

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