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‘Euphoria’: The Second Part Of The Special Already Has An Air Date On Hbo

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The second part of the Euphoria special already has a release date: on January 24 it can be seen on HBO . This has been announced by actress Hunter Schafer on social networks, who plays Jules in the series and who will be the main course of the extraordinary episode: not only is she the protagonist of the promotional poster but the platform reports that she has also written the episode together with Sam Levinson, the creator of Euphoria .

The episode is titled F * ck anyone who’s not a sea blob, and despite airing after Christmas, it will show Jules during the holidays as he reflects on his year . Schafer, one of the revelations of the first season released in summer 2019, signs the episode and is also listed as an executive producer. He is the first person to be listed as a screenwriter on Euphoria other than Levinson , who had been the sole director and screenwriter for the entire play so far.

Hopefully it will be an intimate episode like the one aired last Friday with Zendaya as the main actress along with Colman Domingo in the skin of Ali and Schafer herself, who had a supporting role in the special. And it is that these two episodes of Euphoria are the solution that HBO and the creative team found to offer content before being able to shoot the second season.

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In March, when Levinson was going to shoot the second season that he had already written, the coronavirus broke out in Hollywood. Consequently the plans were blown up. Even with the reopening of the sets and activity in the television industry, Levinson and HBO chose not to shoot the episodes: it was impossible to maintain the author’s vision with the security protocols that prevented the level of physical contact and coral that Euphoria requires. .

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The solution they found to not leave the public abandoned was to write two special episodes that serve as a bridge between one season and the other. We have already seen the first one and we will have the next one in the HBO catalog on January 24.

In 2021 they will shoot the episodes of the second season as soon as they have found a way to be faithful to the spirit of Euphoria without betraying the texts already written by Levinson.

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