Evans Richardson Obituary: Who Was Evans Richardson? What Happened To Sufjan Stevens Parter?

Evan Richardson IV’s sudden passing on April 30, 2023, not only sent shockwaves through the art community but also revealed the depth of connections he had fostered in his lifetime. Among the many touched by his life was singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens, who illuminated their bond with a heartfelt album dedication. In this narrative, we traverse the life, passion, and impact of Richardson, an icon in the art world.

Key Details:

  • Full Name: Evan Richardson IV
  • Birth Date: April 24, 1980
  • Place of Birth: St. Louis
  • Notable Roles: Chief-of-Staff at the Studio Museum in Harlem; Chair of the American Alliance of Museums’ Accreditation Commission
  • Relationship: Partner of Sufjan Stevens
  • Final Residence: Olivebridge, New York
  • Date of Passing: April 30, 2023

Evan Richardson’s Life and Endeavors:

Born into the heartland of St. Louis in 1980, Evan Richardson IV was destined to leave an indelible mark on the art community. His journey from St. Louis to the bustling streets of Harlem bore witness to a life steered by purpose. As the Chief-of-Staff at the Studio Museum in Harlem, Richardson was far from a mere administrative figure. He was the pulse, the guiding beacon that illuminated the museum’s path. His vision and unyielding dedication led him to chair the American Alliance of Museums’ Accreditation Commission, further solidifying his role as an influential figure in the world of museums.

The ‘Javelin’ Dedication: An Insight into a Deep Bond:

Sufjan Stevens, an artist known for his profound lyrics and ethereal melodies, has always been reticent about his private life. Yet, the passing of Richardson unveiled a vulnerable facet of Stevens, previously hidden from public view. Stevens’ album, ‘Javelin’, stands as an epitaph, a love letter, and a testament to their shared journey. The dedication reaches beyond the confines of music, inviting listeners to partake in a narrative of love, loss, and cherished memories.

The Studio Museum’s Tribute to a Luminary:

Institutions often remain detached in their communications, but the Studio Museum in Harlem broke this convention with their tribute to Richardson. The museum’s statement echoed the sentiments of hundreds, encapsulating their gratitude and sorrow succinctly. While Richardson’s demise is undeniably a loss, the museum sought to underscore the legacy he left behind—a legacy that would inspire and guide generations of art enthusiasts.

A Glimpse into Richardson’s Life through His Obituary:

The news of Richardson’s departure at the tender age of 43, barely a week before celebrating another year of his impactful life, resonated deeply with many. The obituary painted a timeline, from his St. Louis origins to his final days in Olivebridge, New York. However, beyond the dates and locations, it hinted at a life rich in experiences, contributions, and connections, urging readers to delve deeper into the narrative of a man who was much more than his titles and roles.


The tapestry of Evan Richardson IV’s life is intricate, woven with threads of dedication, passion, love, and impact. While his physical presence is no more, his legacy thrives, immortalized in the corridors of the Studio Museum, the chords of ‘Javelin’, and the hearts of countless individuals he influenced. As we reflect upon Richardson’s journey, we are reminded of the transient nature of life but also of the eternal imprints one can leave behind.

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