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Ever-considered French manicure – here’s how you can master it!

A French manicure is one of the easiest ways to make your nails look beautiful and elegant, as this nail art is often seen as classy and refined. The basic technique for French manicures usually involves applying an opaque white or cream polish on the entire nail, followed by a single coat of clear polish applied generously on top of it all. A French manicure is a nail art technique in which the entire nail is painted with one color; usually white or pale pink polish, while the tips of the pins are painted with a different color. Typically, you can use an accent nail as well. This article will help you to master this technique to get that gorgeous manicure each time.

  • Key Knowledge:

The very first thing you need to do is to clean and buff your nails thoroughly, as this will ensure the best results. The first step of a French manicure is to choose a color and apply it all over the nails. To select what color, remember that the base color should be different from the tip color, so do not paint the pink French manicure with white polish.

  • Shape and Clean Your Nail:

Before applying any nail polish to your nails:

  1. Make sure that your nails are free from any dust or dirt.
  2. Use a nailbrush to thoroughly clean the nail before starting the manicure. You can also search for different French tip nail designs.
  3. Remove the cuticle of your nails carefully with a cuticle pusher, if needed.
  4. Wash, dry, and file your nails to give them the right shape before you apply any polish on them. 
  • Applying a base coat:

Allow your cuticles to recede slightly, and then apply a transparent base coat on the surface of your nails using a small brush or a thin paintbrush. Ensure that the base coat is not applied too close to the edge of your nail so it does not chip off easily.

  • Add Tape:

Next, apply a thick layer of clear polish on the entire nail, starting with the tip, and work your way to the base nail. If your information is exposed, add more base coat to cover it with clear polish. You must always begin to apply polish from the edge of the nail rather than from its center.

  • Apply a layer of clear polish:

You can use the same thin paintbrush or another brush more minor than the one used to apply a base coat. Before applying color to the surface of your nails, make sure that you have removed all the dust and dirt from them using a nailbrush. Apply a thin coat of clear polish on the surface of your nails to give them a sheen and smoothness. Only apply a little pressure while applying this base coat, as it will cause uneven color application on your nails.

  • Use clear polish on the tips too:

After applying clear polish, use a cotton swab to apply only a tiny amount of color to the tip of your nail. Apply only as much paint as you need to give the right shade and hue and avoid streaks or discoloration. After applying color on the tip, make sure that you clean off excess without leaving any particles on your nail.


A French manicure is one of the easiest ways to make your nails look beautiful and elegant, as this nail art is often seen as classy and refined. Using a base coat and clear polish, you can create a beautiful manicure on your nails with the help of this guide.

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