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EverMerge is a very interesting construction and management game. You only need to merge the same items together to create a magical kingdom . You can unlock the surrounding land in the game, expand the country’s territory, and create your own In the fairy tale kingdom, the wand is a very important tool in EverMerge , it can give you a special mana and allow you to unlock more maps. In the following Evermerge guide, the editor will introduce you how to use the wand better and Evermerge How to get the wand faster, if you want to know more about evermerge related articles, please visit

1. The role of the magic wand

Completing a character’s command in EverMerge can be rewarded with a wand , basically completing a character ‘s dessert order will only reward a little, but the harder the dessert recipe is, the more wands you’ll get , the wand can be tapped to transform it for mana, which allows you to clear the fog covering the island and unlock new map areas .

Like all other items in the game , players can combine wands to increase the mana they get from them . Here are the mana you can get with different levels of wands:

: 5 mana

Level 2 wand: 15 mana

Level 3 wand : 45 mana

Level 4 wand : 135 mana

wand : 405 mana

wand : 1215 mana

2. Faster ways to get a wand

1. Merge Wand

If you have five or more of any of the items, you can combine them to create bonus items. The more items you combine, the more bonus items you get. This rule also applies to merging of wands , so you should merge a greater number of wand items.

You should never use tier 1 wands alone if you can , you should save them to create higher tier wands, but use them if you need to unlock new areas in a hurry .

While the rewards may seem trivial in the early game , they can become very important later in the game, as it takes a lot of mana to unlock more new areas.

2. Choose the right order

Early in the game , players can earn extra tier 1 wands by completing those easiest orders , but later in the game you need to be more careful about choosing the right order, because if you blindly accept all the orders you see, you can easily Get yourself into trouble.

Here is a recommended strategy for you to choose an order that allows you to get the strongest wand possible while using the fewest ingredients . Because the ingredients in the late game may take a long time to be harvested, this choice can balance the progress and wait for the ingredients to refresh.

If you have a lot of cheap ingredients in the game , then you can complete lower level orders, as long as those orders don’t let you use those more precious resources . As long as you choose the right order carefully , you can accumulate enough wands to unlock more new areas later in the game.

The above is all about how to get wands faster in evermerge. If you want to make your kingdom bigger, it is essential to collect more wands. If you have any other tips for getting and using wands, you can find them at Supplement in the comments below . If you want to know more about evermerge gameplay and guides, please pay attention to , they will also provide players with downloads of various popular mobile games and end games.

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