Everything about Star Chef 2’s rise to stardom and why it’s so special

Cooking simulators or cooking games are chaotic pieces of gaming – one that depends on short, sharp, bursts of play. From the bizarre open-world simulators to the more time-bound serious games where your main objective is to serve customers, the cooking chef games online are free and can offer a varied gaming experience. The main aim of these is simple – as a chef, he would have to cook different dishes of varying degrees of complexity. However, there are other games where you get to build a restaurant business and not focus on serving individual customers.

How easy is a chef game?

Getting the cooking games right is easier said than done. Some of the more prominent cooking games available online – on Android and on iOS, rely on their inability to truly match the complexity of cooking even in the gaming world. When such games usually begin, the recipes are rather simple and have a small list of ingredients, however, as the game progresses, the menus become complex and players start struggling to whip up the right dish in time.

Let’s face it – online cooking games aren’t designed for the true gamers, and are instead meant for those who want some pure fun. So, the games should be judged on the basis of colorful graphics, gaming experience, and the fun had.

A brief guide to the Star Chef games

The original Star Chef game was a stellar masterpiece and immediately hit the limelight. In fact, the game managed to rake in about $30 million in its lifetime. The tremendous response urged the parent company 99Games to plan the next iteration, and this is how the restaurant mobile simulation game Star Chef 2 hit the app store on the Android and the iOS platforms.

Star Chef 2 is one of the popular cooking chef games online for free. However, just because it’s the next iteration of the original game, 99Games and N3TWORK made sure that it turned out more than a simple cosmetic upgrade. In Star Chef 2, players get to compete in Chef Team events and collaborate with fellow chefs from around the globe. In fact, you can even engage in interesting trivia. All this makes Star Chef 2 a unique game – one notably different from its competitors.

Things that work in favor of Star Chef 2

If you have never played a restaurant simulation before, the Star Chef 2 may seem a bit complex. In fact, it is a bit more complex than the original. Thus, it will take you some time to figure out the gameplay and the finer aspects of it. The game is replete with features and may take you an hour or two to get a hold of it. At the point of writing this blog, Star Chef 2 has a 4.7-star rating on the Android play store, which shows how much people enjoy the game and its gameplay.

Star Chef 2 is all about a restaurant that has gone out of favor over time, and so, it’s up to you to now run it and scale things up. The online in-game tutorial can be handy for those who are new to such cooking simulation games, but others can skip them. While initially, it may feel like a fine amalgamation of different simulation games online, this chef game is actually a fresh take on the genre.

To spice things up a bit and keep the people/ audience hooked, the game features live music, pool parties, celebrity chef appearances, and more. Moreover, as you continue moving up the success ladder, the game keeps adding more restaurants to your burgeoning restaurant business. As you continue renovating them the restaurants start garnering money and helping you to make profits.

What makes it so popular?

According to 99Games founder Rohith Bhat, Star Chef 2 goes beyond the obvious i.e. it offers more than what similar games on the Play Store have on offer. After the success of the original game, 99Games repackaged the best of Star Chef – the factors that made it popular such as the sentiments, the joy quotient, the ease of gameplay, and added depth to it all. This is why Star Chef 2 feels like a genuine upgrade. It is clearly one of the best cooking chef games online for free, offering various food combinations, community play options, and tons of personalization, all of which make it stand out from the competition.

So, the next time you think about picking up new cooking skills (albeit only online) or let off some steam, give Star Chef 2 a try. If you are fond of cooking simulation games or at least fond of cooking in general, you would definitely like the gameplay and the tons of funs to be had. Give it a try now!

Want to know more about the game or perhaps want to share your experience playing it? Feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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