Everything You Need to Know About Concentrates

Do you wish to experiment with concentrates? Concentrates come in the form of balms or edibles, while other times, they may look like marijuana oil in vape cartridges. These potent extractions carry a rich terpenes profile, which can amplify a high in combination with THC, CBD, and other similar cannabis compounds. Let’s get into what concentrates are and ‘weed’ out the confusion around this cannabis plant extract.

What Are Concentrates?

Cannabis trichomes, which include the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other substances that provide cannabis its recreational and medicinal properties, are used to make concentrates, sometimes referred to as extracts. Concentrates are produced and processed using several tried-and-tested techniques.

You can dab or flash vaporize a concentrate using a dab rig, although some concentrates can be used to make edibles or sprinkled over a bowl of flower for more robust hits. Concentrates are a more potent form of the cannabis flower, considering its rich buttery content high in THC.

Solventless Vs. Solvents: What’s The Difference?

The trichomes are separated from the plant material using a natural solventless extraction technique. People worldwide have produced hash for generations using solvent-free extraction techniques such as dry sifting marijuana through fine screens. The trichomes, which are rich in cannabinoids, are broken off of cannabis flowers when they are brushed against a mesh or sieve and deposited below as kief. The granular kief is transformed into a recognizable lump of hash, a solventless concentrate, by heating and putting pressure.

Whereas chemical solvents like butane, alcohol, etc, are used in solvent-based extraction to separate cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. 

Types of Concentrates

As we have already discussed how concentrates can take many forms, let us talk about some of the popular concentrates at the moment:


Shatter is usually extracted using butane or CO2 and has a glass-like consistency. The pure the shatter, the more golden it will look. While shatters with darker browner looks are a sign of more contaminants, honey-like and translucent shatters typically have a better flavor and taste.


Wax or budder is generally extracted using butane and is yellowish-brown mainly in color. The color can vary greatly depending on several things, such as the quality of the cannabis used to make it and the quality of the extraction technique used to make it. Wax can be consumed through smoking or dabbing.


Rosin, the most popular and well-liked concentrate available now, is made by extracting dried marijuana buds, trim, water hash, or kief. It is hand-crafted and looks like golden shatter or an oil-like extract that’s been compressed.

Live Resin

Live resin differs significantly from other concentrates because it is frequently dabbed or inhaled. It is created using a unique method to freeze a whole cannabis plant before beginning the extraction procedure.

Once the plant is harvested, its raw materials are frozen and kept in freezing conditions during the extraction procedure. This process enables the trichomes and terpenes of the plant to keep clear of factors that are frequently harmful to them, including oxidation and exposure to light. As a result, live resin is tastier than other concentrates of comparable strength, making it popular amongst concentrate enthusiasts.


Diamonds are ideally created from another type of concentrate known as sauce. Sauce is extracted by a closed-loop method that entails adding solvent to cannabis and then removing it to produce a solution, giving it its flowing and glistening texture. After that, the sauce concentrate goes through a further procedure known as “diamond mining,” in which both pressure and heat form crystalline formations known as diamonds.

Wrapping Up

Concentrates can be experimented with in a variety of ways. Remember to only buy from trusted brands and dispensaries if you want to explore with them responsibly. If you are a beginner or a canna expert, you can always rely on Grassdoor. You will find everything—from Guava Badder and Orange Cream Soda Sugar by Bento to Kush cake Diamond Sauce by Stone Road. Grassdoor is your one-stop shop for everything cannabis.

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