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Everything You Need To Know About The Sixth And Final Season Of Lucifer On Netflix

Lucifer’s path  creeps toward the end. After premiering half of season 5 on Netflix, the actors returned to filming to finish the last chapters and record the episodes that will give the final closure to the story that began in 2016 on Fox. In the last hours, stars were added to the cast and details were leaked . Review what you need to know so far from part 6 of the series. 

When Does Lucifer End?

The Tom Ellis-starring show was originally planned to run for five seasons. However, its worldwide success extended it and although fans called for a seventh installment , Lucifer will end in its sixth. “Six seasons of the show is a real achievement. It has been a great emotional journey and I don’t think I want to do more,” the actor revealed in an interview with the Kings of Con podcast.

When Is The Filming Of The Sixth Season Of Lucifer?

The famous Netflix series returned to activity in September after being stopped by the coronavirus pandemic. Upon return, the final chapters of season 5 were already filmed and work began automatically to film the last part of the saga . The actors are currently filming at the Los Angeles studios. 

How Is The Cast Of Lucifer Made Up In Season Six?

This Tuesday EW confirmed that two stars will join the cast. On one side will be Merrin Dungey , who will play  Sonya , a no-nonsense uniformed cop who forms a bond with Amenadiel. On the other hand, Brianna Hildebrand (known for her role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool) will be joined  in the role of  Rory : a rebellious angel, distraught and ready to start some trouble. The actresses are added to  Scott Porter among the show’s additions. The rest of the artists are the regulars of the series.

What Will Happen In The Sixth Season Of Lucifer?

Although the production of Lucifer is handled with great secrecy, some details of the new chapters came to light. The season 5 finale was leaked and showed actor David Anthony Buglione in a special suit full of sensors and sitting in a chair . For the fans it was chapter 16 of the fifth season, so the sixth will pick up from that scene. In addition,  Joe Henderson hinted that he will make a cameo in one of the 10 episodes.

When Does The Sixth Season Of Lucifer Premiere?

Still without a definite date for the premiere of the second part of season 5, the release of the sixth and last part may take longer than expected. According to media such as Digital Spy, the final chapters will be available between mid and late 2021.

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