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Everything you need to know about writing a personal statement

A personal statement is the type of statement or paper that the applicants and students have to write when applying for admission to a university or college. Personal statements are about a person’s personality that you want to present about yourself. Moreover, a person’s statement is proof of you being in a school or college of your choice. When students are asked to write personal statements, they write about their experiences, passions, and academic achievements. Writing such personal statements helps make them eligible to take admission to the school.

It is not a big deal to write a personal statement. However, many students find it quite challenging to write up their statements, and they hire professional statement writing services at

How to write a good personal statement?

People have always been asking what a personal statement should look like. The personal statement you write should have basic information about a person. This statement should provide an overview of who you are, your qualities, academic record, experience, and strengths. It is recommended to add the things that you are proud of about yourself to make the personal statement more effective.

However, a person should not brag or lie about his achievements in a personal statement. It is recommended that a person be himself in the statement as the statement is about him.

What makes a good personal statement?

People have always been interested in knowing the tips and tricks to writing a good personal statement. They are interested in making a good and presentable personal statement.

  • The personal statement of a person should focus on his attributes, making him a good fit for the academic seat in a college or a university. The personal statement should be written in the most convincing matter. The statement should be convincing enough to convince them to select you for the seat you are applying for.
  • Most of the time, people are writing a personal statement for a certain subject they want to study. While writing personal statements for such purposes, it would be great if you highlighted some of your good attributes. It is good to mention your achievements in a particular subject. This makes you more suitable for that seat.
  • It is good to mention and tell the reader why you are applying to a particular college or university. For this purpose, you can add your interests in a particular subject and write your ambitions as well.
  • It would be great to mention a little bit about your extra-curricular activities. It looks more appealing if you write about your achievements in extra-curricular activities. You can add your personal circumstances. This is how you can write a better personal statement.

The final words

It can be challenging to write a personal statement for young students that are writing a personal statement for the first time. Students should know that they should not stress about it. A little practice can help them an expert in writing personal statements.

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