Everything You Should Know About Rimless Toilet Suites

Today, toilets are different from what they were before. With the advancement of technology, there is innovation in toilets too. Nowadays, toilets are available in a variety of choices depending on their size, style and features. Currently, one of the most popular varieties of toilets is rimless toilets. 

Rimless toilet suites are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms due to their sleek design and improved hygiene benefits. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about rimless toilet suites, including their features and installation process.

What is a Rimless Toilet?

A rimless toilet suite is a modern and sleek toilet design with no rim around the top of the bowl. The absence of a rim eliminates the need for regular cleaning.

Rimless toilets also offer improved flushing power and efficiency, as the water is able to flow directly into the bowl rather than being obstructed by a rim. Further, they are also easy to install and maintain, which makes them perfect for your washroom. 

How To Install Rimless Toilet Suites?

Rimless toilet suites are relatively easy to install. All you need to do is to measure the distance between mounting bolts on the flower. Once you are done with the measurement, place the rimless toilet suite in the desired place and fix it to the floor using mounting bolts. Finally, connect the water supply to the toilet and make sure there is no leakage. 

Some Advantages of Rimless Toilet Suites

When it comes to rimless toilet suites, they have a number of benefits over traditional toilets. Some Advantages of Using rimless toilet suites are mentioned below. 

Rimless Design

The most notable feature of a rimless toilet suite is the absence of a rim. This design makes rimless toilets more clean and hygienic, as there is no place for dirt and bacteria to accumulate.

Dual flush System 

Many rimless toilet suites come with a dual flush system. It allows you to choose between a full flush for solid waste or a reduced flush for liquid waste. This feature helps to save water.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning toilets regularly is necessary to reduce the risk of infections. Some models of toilets are hard to clean due to their design. On the other hand, rimless toilets have a simple design which makes them easier to clean. You can clean the rimless toilet by simply flushing it. Additionally, you can also wipe down the surface with a cloth or toilet paper.

Improved Hygiene

When it comes to toilets, they should be highly hygienic. As mentioned earlier, there is no space for dirt and bacteria to accumulate in rimless toilet suites; therefore, they are a more hygienic option. 

Water Efficient

Rimless toilet suites use the mechanism of direct flush. This is a very efficient system as it tends to save water. So, rimless toilet suites are water efficient and environment friendly. 

Easy to Install

Rimless toilet suites don’t require any additional tools or pipes. They can be connected to the old pipes of your previous toilet suite. So, if you want to upgrade your bathroom, you don’t have to spend extra money on the installation of the toilet. 


Rimless toilet suites offer improved hygiene and a sleek design that can enhance the aesthetic of any bathroom. They are relatively easy to install and maintain. If you’re looking to buy a toilet suite for your bathroom, a rimless toilet suite is the best option to consider. 

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