Exploring the Best Alternative to Paintball: Gel Blasters

Paintball was invented in the mid-1960s, almost half a century before the gel gun blaster. Numerous players are fascinated by the paintball. There are more and more professional paintball tournaments and professional teams. 

The reason why paintball is so popular is obvious, it’s highly competitive, and mastering it requires a certain set of abilities and accuracy. It may be just as thrilling to watch as it is to play, providing entertainment for everybody involved. However, Paintball has certain issues, Many have been asking what the greatest paintball substitute is in light of this. Something that offers the same thrills, excitement, and physical activity without the negative aspects? 

We’ll start by talking about the several paintball-related concerns that a lot of people have

Concerns with Paintball

  1. Cheap Fillings for Pellet

Some paintball arenas utilize pellets with a biodegradable gelatin shell that dissolves over time to be more environmentally friendly. Good paintball arenas can afford these high-quality pellets. But not all paintball pellets are equal.

While the biodegradable gelatin shell of some paintball pellets may be used, the paint or filler within the pellet may not be as environmentally friendly or safe as you may have assumed. Animals are poisoned by the oil-based filler used in many cheap pellet fillings.

Since most paintball fields are inside woodlands where wildlife live. Not only is there a possibility for the wildlife to consume the pellet fillings, but the existence of a paintball field itself may also disturb any nearby wildlife habitats.

  1. Pollution

Pollution does not only pertain to littering. Believe it or not, noise is also a form of pollution, and during paintball tournaments, pollution is a big problem.

With crowds gathering to watch these tournaments, it’s typical for huge amounts of trash to accumulate during these events. The cheering from the fans may quickly turn into noise pollution too.

People may wonder how noise becomes pollution, just like humans, animals can be stressed by noise, even so much more than humans.

Animals will often escape from their habitats to get away from the noise or change certain behaviors, such as the sleeping time may get less. That can have a substantial impact on the ecosystem of that habitat, which would then affect every other animal that lives there.

  1. Paintball Gun Batteries

Paintball guns require batteries to function, and while using batteries might seem innocuous, you’d be surprised to learn how many of them end up in landfills every year. The truth is that paintball guns’ batteries are very inefficient. Many poisonous materials, including sulfuric acid, lead, and cadmium, the soil may absorb them completely when these toxic substances are dumped in landfills.

Additionally, they could get into water sources. damaging ecosystems, destroying plants and creatures once again. Not to mention, the amount of mining to get resources to create batteries is detrimental to nature.

  1. Injuries

What is the main drawback of paintball? It hurts a lot and has led to many injuries. Although the majority of paintball gun injuries are not very serious, who wants to have welts that linger for weeks?

People now consider welts and bruises from paintball gunshots to be just another aspect of the sport because they are so common. Overexertion or falls result in additional injuries.

However, statistics show that the percentage of serious paintball eye injuries increased to 30% between 1990 and 2016. The fact that it mostly impacted younger children is the worst part.

Although paintball is frequently promoted as a game that is suitable for players of all ages, this is untrue. Paintball should not be permitted for kids to play without the appropriate safety equipment and adult supervision.

Why Gel Blaster Is the Best Paintball Substitute?

Are you seeking an eco-friendly, painless, affordable, and ideal-for-all-ages paintball substitute? Ruko has produced enjoyable paintball substitutes that satisfy each of these requirements. Let me present you with the best gel blaster gun!

Gel blaster balls are super absorbent polymer water beads. They are delivered to your house as dry, tiny beads that you have to soak in water before using. They can grow 5 to 20 times their original size in as little as four hours. Once they do, they are a bit soft and squishy, much like orbeez. Innovative gel blasters shoot water-based gel balls or beads that are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-staining.  Once the beams explode, they evaporate almost instantly. It’s completely mess-free! So, you can play in your backyard or inside your home. They leave behind only water residue.

Gel blasters hurt only cause a slight sting that won’t interfere with having fun. Most people may not even feel it because they’re too busy having fun shooting each other with water beads. It’s also worth noting that a gel blaster bead can hurt more when it hits sensitive parts of one’s body. For example, a shot to the neck can sting far more than one to the leg. Nevertheless, the pain is still mostly negligible. If you’re still concerned, wearing long sleeves and pants can help lessen the sting. While gel blasters do not cause significant pain, improper use can make them dangerous. The number one rule when using a gel blaster is to always wear eye protection. Each one of our gel blaster packs comes with protective eyewear. But if you want extra protection, we recommend wearing long-sleeved shirts, pants, and sneakers while playing.

The Gel Blaster Surge is the gun used to shoot the balls. They are rechargeable, so you don’t have to keep replacing and throwing out batteries every time they die. Each Gel Blaster Surge comes with its charger and cable.

The Gel Blaster offers you a way to have fun, compete, and stay active while being eco-friendly, mess-free, and safe from injuries. Plus it’s fit for all age groups so the entire family can bond! Grab your gel blaster guns and enjoy this revolutionary clean fun game with excitement.

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