EZ WINZ: Your Professional Sports Consultant

If you are looking for expert advice from professionals who will do all the heavy lifting for you by examining relevant data and market trends to help you grow your financial portfolio without a sweat—EZWINZ is the place to go.

The brains behind EZ WINZ are three pro sports handicappers who use in-depth research and heavily backed data analysis to choose their daily sports picks. They have 10 years of experience in the sports industry and an impressive track record.

You can expect transparency and consistency when working with EZ WINZ. They always strive to provide significant outcomes and believe in maintaining a positive mindset.

To be successful in sports betting, you require a deep understanding of the sports industry and the techniques used to pick the winning team. The elite sports handicappers in EZWINZ have the skills needed to ensure your success.

Benefits of Using EZ WINZ

  •  It is beginner friendly. Accommodates casual betters and anyone who does not know where to start in sports betting.
  • They do the hard work for you. They do the research and analysis for you so you can sit back, enjoy the game and place your bets.
  • Variety of packages. You can choose the package that works for you from their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly packages.
  • Flexible packages. They do not automatically renew a package when it expires and you can choose what works for you with no commitment.

What You Need to Know About Their Packages

EZ WINZ packages give you access to analytically backed picks no matter the package you choose. There are no packages with special bonuses.

There is also no limit to purchase packages and they do not overlap, which means the next package you purchase starts the day your current package ends.

1.       Daily card- 1 day sports picks

2.       Monthly card- 30 days of sports picks

3.       Weekend card- 3 days of sports picks (Fri-Sat-Sun)

4.       Weekly card- 7 days of sports picks

5.       Yearly card- 365 days of sports picks 

I. How Do I Buy a package?

The first step to buying a package from EZWINZ is creating an account with them. Once you do that, you can now log in and choose the package you want from their different packages.

II. How Do I Get Picks?

EZ WINZ releases picks daily on their website for their members.

III. How Many Daily Picks?

They release a minimum of 2 picks and a maximum of 5 picks daily.

IV. When will Picks be Released?

They release the picks less than 2 hours before the game starts.

V. Where Do I Place a Bet?

The betting platform depends on your location

VI. Can I buy More Than One Package?

Yes. You can purchase any package you want when you want. The new package starts when the old one ends.

How To Get Started with EZ WINZ

1.       Select your package and add it to your cart

2.       Check out and create your account

3.       Login and receive daily sports picks

Maximize your chances of winning by contacting EZ WINZ today. They’ll do the hard work for you so you can enjoy the thrill of the game!

Ez Winz Sports believes in putting their clients in a positive investment position that continues to build an overall increasing ROI. Fom small casual sports bettors, to big time, experience sports bettors, every client is part of the EZ Winz team. Their main objective is to make sure their clients are always making money. They go above and beyond to supply only the best betting advice. The entire EZ Winz team is passionate about sports,  and has a winning record of 65% overall. Their success reflects on their clients success. 

EZ Winz continues to grow as a group. If you are interested in joining the team, and being part of a winning community, check out their website, and the packages they offer.

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