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Learn about the Facebook Settlement scam and important dates.

You know the Facebook scam that involved Cambridge Analytica and the United States. What were the concerns of the Facebook users about the scandals? What was Facebook’s testimony in court and what action was taken? Who is eligible to receive the settlement? What are the key dates in the class action case and what is the settlement amount? What is the settlement amount for class action cases?

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Facebook Scam:

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica agreed to share user data for research purposes. No measures were taken, however, to monitor the data accessed by Cambridge Analytica. Facebook users have filed numerous lawsuits against Facebook because they believe that their data, and the data of their friends, was shared without their consent.

Class action lawsuit:

Cases were consolidated and a class-action lawsuit – In Re: Facebook, Inc. Consumer Privacy Users Profile Litigation – was filed under the case number of 3:18-md02843 (N.D.). Cal.). The United States District Court for the Northern District of California has appointed Vince Chhabria as the supervisor of the Scam Facebook Settlement Claims. Derek W. Loeser, Lesley E. Weaver and other lawyers were appointed to the case.

What was Facebook’s response?

Facebook told the court it did not compromise on user data or privacy. Facebook, however, agreed to settle the lawsuit and offered $725,000,000 in settlement.

Who is eligible to claim the claim?

The settlement fund is available to approximately 230-250 million people. Facebook users that used the platform from 24th/May/2007 to 22nd/December/2022 are eligible for a claim.

How do I obtain and file the Form for Facebook Settlement Claim 2023 ?

  • You can file an online claim at,
  • You can also request a claim form by calling 1(855)556-2233.
  • You can request and also submit the digitally signed form via email at [email protected],
  • You can also request and submit the signed form via post to – Facebook User Privacy Litigation c/o Settlement Administator, 1650 Arch Street Suite 2210, Philadelphia PA 19103.

Calculation for claim amounts:

25% of the $725 million will be allocated to legal costs and administrative allowances. The $544 million remaining settlement fund will be divided among all applicants. Facebook settlement Scam fund: Each month that the applicant uses Facebook will earn them one point.

Divide the net settlement amount by the total points that all applicants have accumulated. The settlement fund will be divided between each applicant according to their total points and the calculated settlement amount.

After the final hearing, the settlement fund will appear on the account of the applicant. The exact date for crediting the account of the applicant is not specified.

What are the most important terms of the settlement agreement?

By submitting a claim, you agree that you will not continue to sue Facebook settlement scam or be involved in any other lawsuits related to the current settlement.


Facebook Settlement scam is a term that has been trending in search engines, Reddit and Twitter to find out more information about the case number: 3:18-md-01843-VC (N.D.). Cal.) Active at United States District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco, CA, USA. The case involves Facebook sharing data about its users with Cambridge Analytica. Click here for more information about the class action lawsuit .

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