7 Factors to Keep in Mind While Hiring Magento Developers

7 Factors to Keep in Mind While Hiring Magento Developers

Are you planning to hire dedicated Magento developer who can help grow your eCommerce business? Or, are you an eCommerce development agency looking for some extra pair of capable hands to fulfil your Magento development project demands? Keep reading ahead. This blog post will reveal – 7 things you should check for hiring a perfect Magento developer.

Adobe has an excessive trust and reputation in the eCommerce development market, because of which Magento developers are in high demand. Every company wants to hire Magento developers who know the complete Adobe Commerce development platform inside-out. 

Yet, as per the data collected recently – Adobe updated its Magento certification program and discovered an estimated 6000+ Magento certified developers working worldwide and over 3,00,000+ developers in the Magento community who are working for the platform. 

Moreover, 247 official Magento Solution Partners and 16+ technology partners are listed in Adobe’s online Magento directory, having their own team of professional Magento developers.

With thousands of experienced Adobe Commerce Magento developers ready to pitch you their services, how do you identify and select a capable Adobe Magento developer or Headless AEM specialist for your requirements? Check out and follow this expert’s checklist: –

1) Certification

Certification is essential when you hire a Magento developer. It ensures that the individual working on your project is a trained professional who knows the best practices and standards in this industry to produce high-quality results.

Besides, Magento has its own set of rules and guidelines, which you must follow to continue developing this specific software application. Otherwise, there will be consequences such as your website being blacklisted or banned by search engines for an extended period, depending upon how severe your infractions were. 

A certified Magento developer is well acknowledged of the platform’s rules and regulations. They are also well versed in practices to keep a website updated and functional 24/7 without unprofessional bugs and glitches.

However, you should ensure that the certification of that Magento developer isn’t an outdated one. It should be Magento 2 certification since Magento 1 doesn’t exist today and is no longer supported by Adobe. A Magento 2 certified developer means, the individual is a pro who has scored over 63% in the competitive Magento exam, has a decent expertise in Magento 2 core principles, and has completed over 1.5 years of practise as a Magento developer.

2) Experience

To make sure you get a reliable Magento developer on board, it is necessary to check how many years of Magento development experience they have. Experience is a significant factor when it comes to developing high-quality successful Magento webshops.

Besides building websites and stores, Adobe Commerce Magento developer must have sufficient knowledge of how code works on different servers/servers’ consoles, how an API fetches data and display it on the user’s end, how eCommerce websites should be designed to offer a great user experience, and so on.

You need to hire a Magento developer who understands basics of UX and digital marketing to get the required features implemented in your store so that your store can capitalize on strategies sales and marketing teams draft for increasing sales and customer engagement.

Experienced Magento developers can bring significant value to your eCommerce team. Hiring a professional with many years of experience means they have many years of learning from their mistakes and experiences of dealing with critical situations and bugs, which make them capable of thinking smartly and reaching solutions that would surely help meet your business goals. .

3) Portfolio

Another vital sign of a legitimate Magento developer is their portfolio. Any candidate ready to present you with their portfolio can be shortlisted. Through their work, you can analyse their skills and understand their capability of handling complex project requirements from diverse industries and clients. Their portfolio will help you understand how much value Magento developer would bring to your business.

4) Programming Skills

Anyone planning to hire Magento developer must check if the candidate is versed in all basic programming languages. This is a minimum requirement, as developing websites and eCommerce stores depend on the intelligent use of programming languages. 

Adobe Commerce too, requires programming for creating and integrating customized solutions in it. Some useful technologies necessary to learn for a Magento developer include MySQL, PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript. Though all these technologies are add-ons, MySQL and PHP is a must because Magento itself is built and written in PHP with elements of the Zend framework.

5) Problem-Solving Skills

A good experienced Magento developer should have impressive problem-solving skills. They must be familiar with the ins and outs of migrating and upgrading an existing eCommerce store. Since Adobe frequently releases version upgrades to fix bugs, enhance security, or you may require to migrate your website from another eCommerce CMS to Magento, a technically skilled Magento developer with good problem-solving skills would be a good asset for your team to make their way through complex code, database problems, and fulfil your requirements without disturbing your website’s core web elements.

6) Post-deployment support

No matter how carefully you build a website or app, a few bugs are bound to surface up. Therefore, you should carefully hire a Magento developer who knows the importance of post-deployment support. As an eCommerce webshop owner or an agency owner, you can never let your customer or client get affected by any technical or functional issue on your Magento site. 

A certified Magento developer who knows the value of post-completion support will always stand by their work. They won’t abandon the project in the middle of it, since they know post-deployment support is necessary to give a website/web app that final touch it needs to ensure a great user experience.

7) Deadline Assurance

Imagine what would happen if your client missed their deadline because they were waiting until the last minute? You’d lose not only your money but also your agency’s goodwill. Similarly, if you are an online seller, you will lose your eCommerce brand’s trust if you cannot timely fulfil your customers’ aspirations.

Magento developers must be able to meet deadlines and stay organized so that their projects get completed on time. They must reflect that confidence to complete their assignments by the discussed deadlines.

Since they may also sometimes need to take client calls, input from peer professionals, and manage emergency tasks, a reliable Magento developer knows how to manage their work through effective project management tools like – Basecamp, Trello, Slack, etc,  and deliver to everyone’s expectations. 

Final words

As you can see, there are quite a few things to keep in mind when hiring an Adobe Magento developer. By following above tips and taking the time to find a developer with the right skills and experience, you can be sure that your project will be in good hands.

If you need help finding the perfect Magento developer for your needs, please reach out to us. At Nethues Technologies, we have a team of certified Magento 2 developers who would be happy to serve your project needs. We are an Adobe bronze solution partner having 10+ years of Magento development experience. Let’s connect and turn your project into a successful Magento webshop.

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