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game Subway Surfers. It utilises the Unity game engine and is accessible on the Android, iOS, HarmonyOS, Kindle, and Windows Phone platforms.  In the game, players assume the role of youthful graffiti writers who, after they are discovered “marking” a metro railway site, flee from the inspector and his dog by running across the train tracks. While running, they avoid collisions with trains and other things while grabbing gold coins, power-ups, and other goodies from the environment. To avoid capture, they may also use hoverboards to surf on top of the trains until the player either collides with an object, is apprehended by the inspector, or is struck by a train, at which time the game is finished. There may be in-game awards and characters as a consequence of special events, such the Season Hunt.

A video game called Subway Surfers is an infinite runner. Jake (the game’s initial character) or any other character paints graffiti on a subway, is caught in the act by the inspector and his dog, and is subsequently pursued by them as the game begins by pressing the touchscreen. The player may swipe up, down, left, or right while sprinting to avoid colliding with approaching objects, such as moving subways, poles, tunnel walls, and barricades. More points may be earned by quickly swiping as speed rises. The game ends if there is a crash, however the player may keep going by using the keyboard or by seeing an advertisement. Coins, keys, score multipliers, super shoes, jetpacks, magnets, mystery boxes, and power jumps are just a few of the things the player may gather. Power jumpers propel the player up into the air, jetpacks enable flight, coin magnets draw coins to the track, super sneakers enable greater jumps, and score multipliers increase the pace at which points are awarded. Items that persist for roughly 30 seconds and let the player avoid collisions include hoverboards.

Seasonal hunts and daily challenges:

 These are necessary for making original gaming moves. In daily challenges, the player must gather the letters that make up a game-related word, such “scoring” or “jump”; this is also known as “word hunting.” Accuracy of the player is used to measure different tasks in missions. After downloading it the different Android mod apk for free uses  money, keys, in-game purchases, gathering certain objects, linking to a Facebook account, or other means, up to 18 characters may be unlocked. Most characters wear up to two distinct clothes at once. In the meanwhile, using the same techniques, up to 17 hoverboards may be unlocked. Each player-assistance feature varies depending on the individual. A new character and hoverboard will be provisionally accessible during an update to a new area until the next update.

Downloads and releases

With updates depending on seasonal holidays, Subway Surfers was published on May 24, 2012. Every three (or four, generally for seasonal holidays) weeks since January 2013, updates have been centred on a “World Tour” theme, which changes the game’s backdrop.

The first game to reach one billion downloads on the Google Play Store was Subway Surfers in March 2018.

Subway Surfers reached two billion downloads in May 2018. The iOS App Store’s #2 all-time downloaded game, according to App Annie, is Subway Surfers.

According to AppAnnie data, SYBO Games said that Subway Surfers has downloaded 2.7 billion times as of December 2019.

From 2012 until 2019, Subway Surfers was the most downloaded smartphone game.

Along with the smartphone game, SYBO Games debuted the animated Subway Surfers series.


Reviews for Subway Surfers were mediocrely positive. While praising the game’s aesthetic and enjoyable gameplay, some faulted it for having a dull setting,subway surfer hack and sluggish controls. Based on 8 reviews, review aggregation website Metacritic awarded the game a score of 71/100.

Despite appreciating the game’s entertaining gameplay and availability for free, Dan Griliopoulos of Pocket Gamer awarded it a score of 5 out of 10, criticising its controls and frugal game design.

Gamezebo’s Dant Rambo gave the title a rating of 3.5 out of 5 and said “It makes little effort to differentiate itself from other endless runners, yet it’s difficult not to enjoy Subway Surfers’ impeccable execution. The gameplay is engaging, the controls are responsive, and no pressure to buy in-game things is applied.”

The game received two Webby Award nominations for “Action Game” and “Family & Kids Game” in 2019.

 The decade’s most downloaded mobile game was that one.

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