Family And Relationships: Sophie Xeon

Who would not like music, for many, it is a way to relax or calm them but for a few, it is their life and it shows in their music. However, not many make it to the top of the charts, and not even existing artists in the industry can. But Sophie Xeon was not one of them. The singer/producer who made a Grammy nomination is now not with us as the singer was reported dead in an unfortunate accident. The singer gave a lot to the industry and being bold and supporting her transgender peers is one of them.

About: Sophie Xeon

The singer was 34 when she lost her life in an unfortunate accident. Sophie was born on September 17, 1986, and made her career as a pop singer. However, the late singer was also known for writing songs and being a DJ and producer. The singer was described as a strong, outgoing, and strong woman. The singer was from Glasgow and spent most of her life growing up before making her way as a singer. Soon, she discovered that her passion lies in music and the credit goes to her father for making her listen to those cassettes. She also worked as a DJ before becoming a full-fledged pop singer.

Career: Sophie Xeon

The singer debuted for the first time with her band called “Motherland” and later made her way to various jobs and among them was the PC Music label, which brought her into contact with many other offers. It was not until 2013 that he had the opportunity to release his first song titled “Nada más que saying”. But it was the song “Blip” that caught the attention of many and made it an industry theme but then comes “Lemonade” and “Hard” that marked the beginning of something historic. Later, the song “Oil of Every Pearl” earned him a Grammy nomination in 2018.

Family and Relationships: Sophie Xeon

The singer decided to keep her family relationships low-key, but we know that her father was the reason we had great singers among us. Her father made her listen to cassettes all the time and it was then that she discovered her love and passion for music. The musician was also seen with Tzef Montana and told that he would be dating for a while before they broke up. It was also rumored that they had moved in together, but details about their breakup were kept under wraps.

Death: Sophie Xeon

The singer was reported dead after falling from her building while she was ready to see the full moon. The death of the singer broke the media on January 30 of this year. Many were heartbroken and shared their condolences to the family and the world will mourn the loss of a talented soul. The singer was known for her bold decisions, her vision, and her advocacy for her fellow community members. The singer is well known and her fans, fellow singers, family, and friends will miss her.

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