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Fans are eagerly waiting for Bigg Boss Kavin’s movie Lift update, trending #LongAwaitedLiftUpdate on social media

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Kavin is one of the Bigg Boss contestants of season 3. His time inside the Bigg Boss house was appreciated and he got a huge fan base. Kavin’s chemistry with Losliya was highly appreciated by fans inside the Bigg Boss house. But after coming out of the house Kavin and Losliya’s relationship fell apart and Kavin started focusing on his movie career.

Kavin is acting in the movie Lift and fans are waiting for updates on this movie for a long time. Lift was supposed to release during Summer 2020 but got postponed due to lockdown. Kavin have posted few photos from dubbing studio with the information about completion of dubbing for the movie.

Now fans are trending #LongAwaitedLiftUpdate as they are eager to know about the release date and updates on Lift. This hash tag shows that Kavin has a huge fanbase and they are eager to see their favourite person on big screen. We will have to wait and watch if the update on Lift movie will arrive before Christmas 2020.

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