FC 24 Introduces Play Styles And Adds More Objectives-Related Functionality

If you want to buy FC 24 coins, choose U7Buy – a trusted provider that has the best prices and services! FC 24 is closing in fast and that means only one thing. We need to prepare for its arrival. There are two things we must do before the game gets here. The first one is to put the pre-order. Do not forget that purchasing the Ultimate edition will enable you to access the game one week early! In addition, this gives us ample time to familiarise ourselves with any new game features while we wait. Play Styles are among the FC 24 additions. We will also touch on Objectives and see what is new with them in the 2023 edition.

What Are FC 24 Play Styles


Play Styles is a new feature coming to FC 24. This new system comes to complement the OVR when you are deciding which players to put into the team. You will take into consideration more than the ratings and attributes. The footballers’ style is another element that will help you create the squad. We have several play styles. Each one has an effect on the gameplay. This means that footballers will have one-of-a-kind capabilities. The result is more individuality and authenticity. Each player is unique in their own way and the play styles will reflect that. The new feature will bring the signature abilities to a new level. The world’s best footballers, such as this year’s cover stars, have signature moves that others cannot replicate. With the introduction of play styles, you will judge items in a new way. Let’s say that you are browsing the transfer market for new additions to your collection. You will want to scout the play style of a particular player too, not just its rating. Another example relates to the pre-game flow. If you take a look at each footballer’s play style, you can get an idea of how they will perform. This is a way to form a strategy before the game begins. You can see a player’s style on their card. On each card will be an icon indicating their play style and bio of that item; when encountering players from new leagues you don’t know well, their play styles provide you with insight into who they are as individuals by helping form an image of who they might be as people. Experimenting with different players is encouraged. If you come across a skilled player who perfectly fits your team’s needs, do not miss out on the opportunity to take your team to the next level – seize the advantage and dominate the competition with U7BUY’s safe FC 24 coins.

FC 24 Comes With Improved Objectives

Objectives are a favorite FC 24 activity. The players enjoy completing these tasks because they are fun and give nice rewards. The developers thought that it was time to give this activity more functionality. It’s no secret that the most popular game mode has a lot of content. While that is a great thing, it can be overwhelming at times. You can overlook some activities or lose track of the progress. In FC 24, the Objective Groups will have multiple tabs. You will find it easier to locate, complete, and manage the progress on a certain Objective. Objective Groups are getting a makeover to make them more engaging and appealing. Select Objectives will have special backgrounds to reflect the theme of the campaign they are part of. Objectives are a great way to earn rewards. Acquiring all the earned rewards may be a tedious task, especially for the players who don’t want to miss any task. That’s where the Claim All function comes in. We will have a Claim All button that will neatly grant all the rewards from the completed Objectives within a Group.

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