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Features & Development Cost of Video Creation and Sharing Apps

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Video sharing apps are increasing in number as it is a powerful driver of conversions and engagement. Visuals of any kind in applications appeal and attract users more. Contents carrying video or images over normal text seem more eye-catching. The advent of the Corona Virus now compels everyone to be inside their homes as much as possible. However, it never means there is a ban on watching movies as well. With the vast mobile application development services, more video-sharing applications are coming into the limelight. You can also fulfil your vision of listing your application in the Play store by learning everything about the video creation sector.

Getting Started with the Video Creation App Process

App entrepreneurs are constantly seeking to present the best video sharing appto become a prosperous and thriving sector. Learning details about what goes into shaping an app that will capture the hearts of millions is the real deal. Let us learn about the features and the development cost that can help you fabricate a video sharing app.


App developers or start-ups can get significant hands-on business by incorporating the right features in their video-sharing app. Features that require integration at any cost are listed below:

  • Video Capture: The attribute of video capturing from within the app is a new concept. But this trend is popular among people who create many reels on Instagram and Facebook regularly. As the app gains access to the device’s microphone and camera, users can engage in video-recording in real-time.
  • App Login: Fetching the answers to how to make a video sharing app is now easy. What’s difficult is arresting the attention of the users’ right from the beginning so that they never hit the “Uninstall” button. The login process of the application must be easy and smooth. There must be multi-level authentication attributes in the app to trust it from the very beginning. This will prevent hackers from using users’ images and data.
  • Subscriptions: When you begin your start-up and list your video sharing appin the Play Store, you will need to monetize it. You can do it with the help of subscriptions which is a sound revenue-generating notion. Create the option for viewing the subscription details in the video creation application. The user who will be interested will upgrade if they want to.
  • Video Editing: As you develop a video sharing app source code, it must be equipped with the feature of video editing also. Putting texts, adding music, putting text easily, and altering lightning are activities that users must easily do. These features are powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, giving users the liberty of adding filters and effects to make their videos more attractive.
  • Filters and Effects: This feature is now a must-have once put through several trial and errors. If you want to know how to make a video app, ensure to integrate this feature to always keep end-users hooked to the app.
  • Video Uploads: If the video takes time to upload in the video-sharing app, it will annoy the users. It must not be time-consuming and must be a breeze for users. The user experience should be rich so that they can share easily within their network.
  • Video Sharing: Any video users create on a video-sharing app must share it on various platforms. Along with a boost to the user experience, inputting rich content also becomes a possibility.
  • Duets: Suppose one of the users of your new video-sharing appuploads a video. If other users create a duet with the video of the former user, it instantly appeals to all. Clubbing video clips in one video is no longer a hassle with these apps. Enact on movie dialogues or enact on songs; users will always have a good time every time they open your app.
  • Social Media Integration: Integrating social media channels into the video-sharing and creation app is a must when you are moving forward with video app development. Users with this feature can share all videos directly with social media followers or near ones. Sharing videos from YouTube and Facebook directly to the users is also a crucial feature. Users can expand their network easily with this. Their ability to share content through social media channels strengthens the user experience. It boosts the onboarding experience.
  • Likes and Shares: Users use video creation apps with the motive and wish of earning revenues, too, just like an app developer. They can do this when there is some engagement. Application developers must introduce feedback factors such as share, comment and like features into the app.

Cost Breakdown

The kind of mobile application development servicesyou are taking will determine the costs largely, but they will vary. When you develop a video sharing app on your own, it will, of course, cost less. But you might not be adept to all technicalities and coding needed for any app to run successfully. It is best to trust an app development company and leave everything on them.

To assess the cost of the best video sharing app, determining factors such as app platform, several application features, location of application developers, and app design is crucial.

The Minimum Viable Product or MVP can range anywhere between $72,000 to $110,000.

Apart from the four factors mentioned above, if you think of generating revenue, incorporate technologies such as Blockchain and AI into it. Artificial Intelligence will offer a personalized application experience to the users.

Wrapping It Up

Anyone can now come with a video sharing app idea. Nowadays, if you have some knowledge about app development, you must find ways of investing in it. A well-designed app will always help you get hands-on billions as it is a flourishing sector. Every effort will be worthwhile as you do all activities by keeping the audience in your mind while in the app development process. When you shape a complex app, the cost will be more. All the above-mentioned figures of the cost of development are estimated and rough. You can get information related to app development in detail with the best mobile application development services provider.

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