February’s Finest Birthstone: Dive into the World of Stunning Amethyst Jewelry

Step into February with the timeless bling of a amethyst birthstone that’s purple, radiant and timeless.

February is filled of sunshine and chills. If you were born in February, your birthstone iss amethyst, a royal purple gem. Those with February birthdays is fortunate to have this dazling gem, featuring a stunning deep reddish-purple hue. The mystic appearance of this stone adds to its beauty, making it one of the most revered gemstones that comes in an array of designs for February babies.

Sparkle all day in February with the finest February birthstone jewelry designs by Rogers and Hollands. The brand specializes in handcrafted designs, from minimalistic to heavy and more. Read along to learn everything about February birthstone, explore fascinatinng facts and healing benefits and glance through some stuning amethyst jewelry designs handcrafted by Rogers and Hollands.

Why is amethyst called the birthstone for February?

Amethyst’s association in February birthstone jewelry dates back centuries, rooted for both historical and mystical significance. Legend has it that wearing amethyst can bring clarity and balance, aligning seamlessly with the introspective nature of those born in February.

The term “amethyst” find its roots in the Greek word “amethystos,” translating to “not drunk” or “not intoxicated.” Ancient belief hald that the stone had the power to prevent Intoxication, leading the Greeks and Romans in craft wine chalices from amethyst, allowing them to indulge without consequences.

What are the benefits of wearing amethyst?

Amethyst,  widely used healing crystal, bring clarity and focus while fostering creativity. Known for promoting peaceful sleep, it dispels negative energies at home. Its ancient ties to combating addiction resonate today, aiding in recovery and calming anxiety.

For businesses, amethyst attracts abundance and enhances focus during negotiations.

What is some interesting fact about amethyst gemstones?

  • Before the 19th centuary, amethyst was deemed rare and primarily sourced for Russia, notably the Ural Mountains in Siberia. In 1845, deposits were found in Austria’s Central Alps, with the Maissau mine becoming the world’s largest open-pit mine. It offers tours and excavations for gem enthusiasts.
  • Amethyst hold significant place a one of the 12 stones adorning the High Priest’s breastplate, as mentioned in Book of Exodus. Each stone symbolized one of the 12 tribes of Israel and the breastplate was believed to facilitate divine communication and provide answers to High Priest’s inquiries.
  • Amethyst beautifully complements various stones, notably rose quartz, amazonite, moonstone, and green gems like peridot or aventurine. It is versatile and pairs well with bold choices like garnet or blue topaz. Emiting soothing vibes, Amethyst consistently exudes a enigmatic allure.
  • Amethyst, a quartz crystal with Mohs hardness of 7, showcases primary hues in purple or Lilac, with posible secondary tones of blue or red. It’s esential to note its sensitivity to heat and bright light including sunlight, which can alter its color.

What Makes February’s Birthstone Jewelry Truly Exceptional?

Amethyst is a gem loved by many for its elegant purple color. The Greeks thought it protected against getting too drunk, and the Egyptians wore it for protection from bad vibes.

You can wear amethyst however you like! It comes in different colors, from light lilac to dark purple with red or blue tones. You’ll find it in various piece of jewelry, like necklaces and rings. Amethyst looks great with diamonds and any metal color. Plus, it’s not expensive, so this won’t hurt your budget.

Amethyst Birthstone Jewelry Designs by Rogers & Hollands

Rogers & Hollands, a legacy brand in years of expertise in handcrafting exceptional diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry, customized designs and more, offers a range of stunning creations handcrafted to give you the brightest spark that stays foreverr.

Pear-Shaped Amethyst Dangle Earrings in 10k White Gold

Radiantly lively and romantic, these earings feature pear-shaped amethysts that sparkle with each sway, captivating the light through their two-tone gemstones.

Emerald-Cut Amethyst Solitaire Engagement Ring in 10k Rose Gold

Elevate your style with this chic African amethyst and diamond rings. Crafted in 10-karat rose gold, it showcases an octagon-cut amethyst at the center, complemented by 26 round diamonds along the delicat band. A versatile piece for a pop of color and instant elegance any ensemble.

Marquise Amethyst and Diamond Ring in 10k White Gold

Crafted in 10-karat white gold, this stylish ring boasts 10x5mm marquise amethyst as it is centerpiece. Surrounding the focal stone are 10 round diamonds weighing 0.13 carats (HI, I1-2). Adding unique touch, the ring also features a concealed halo adorned with two blue round diamonds totaling 0.03 carats.

Hexagon Amethyst and Diamond Pendant in 10k White Gold

This 10-karat white gold fashion pendant features a 1 6mm hexagon amethyst stone surrounded by 0.064 carat round diamonds. This pendant come with an 18-inch chain.

How to Care for Your Amethyst Jewelry

Gemstones is generaly delicate, and amethyst with a hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs scale, is no exception. It’s crucial to handle it with care, avoiding drops or scratche that could lead to cracks or shattering.

Sunlight can also affect amethyst, causing its vibrant purple color to fade when expose for extended periods. To keep your amethyst looking its best, avoid leaving it in direct sunlight.

For cleaning amethyst birthstone fine jewelry, opt for gentle approach using warm water, mild detergent and a soft brush. This method prevents scratching or exposure to high temperature. Use soft strokes to clean without causing damage.

Take note of any trapped liquid or gas bubbles within the amethyst. If you’re considering using an ultrasonic cleaner, be cautious, as inclusions in the crystal may lead to breakage in such cleaners. Always inspect for imperfections before using any cleaning method.

Final Thoughts

Choosing amethyst as your February birthstone jewelry isn’t just about its stunning purple hue; it’s an embrace of ancient wisdom and clarity. With Rogers & Hollands‘ exquisite jewelry with birthstone designs, from pear-shaped earrings to elegant rings, you’re not just wearing jewelry; you’re adorning yourself with a gem that fosters focus, peace, and timeless elegance.


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