FIFA 23 – A Peak at Atletico Madrid’s Glorious Superstars

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With FIFA 23 now playable everywhere in the world, Atletico Madrid fans can finally play the game using their favourite players, so let’s check out who are the most valuable players in the current squad right now.

Atletico Madrid might have fallen short in defending their La Liga title last season, but the Colchoneros are still in it with a fight this season culpable to the current team’s strengths.

Although losing elite striker, Luis Suarez, who has gone back to Uruguay, the club still has outstanding talents vying for spots within the team.

Here’s a look at some of Atletico’s best players right now:


  • (GK) Jan Oblak: OVR 89
    • Diving: 86
    • Handling: 90
    • Kicking: 78
    • Reflexes: 89
    • Speed: 49
    • Positioning: 87
  • (LM) Yannick Carrasco: OVR 85
    • Pace: 89
    • Shooting: 82
    • Passing: 80
    • Dribbling: 87
    • Defending: 53
    • Physicality: 67
  • (CF) Joao Felix: OVR 84
    • Pace: 83
    • Shooting: 80
    • Passing: 81
    • Dribbling: 88
    • Defending: 40
    • Physicality: 67
  • (CM) Marcos Llorente: OVR 84
    • Pace: 88
    • Shooting: 79
    • Passing: 81
    • Dribbling: 82
    • Defending: 78
    • Physicality: 81
  • (CM) Rodrigo Javier De Paul: OVR 84
    • Pace: 78
    • Shooting: 77
    • Passing: 83
    • Dribbling: 82
    • Defending: 75
    • Physicality: 81

Remember, there are other outstanding players inside the squad too, like Thomas Lemar and Alvaro Morata, who are looking to outperform their colleagues this season.

The La Liga certainly seems like a competitive league this time around, and you can start using Atletico Madrid as your main club in FIFA 23’s Career mode right now.

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