Finding a Drain Plumber in Brisbane You Can Trust

Knowing who to trust to do plumbing repairs or installs in your home is challenging. After all, the people you’re letting in to work on a very critical part of your house are basically strangers. So, how can you find recommended drain plumbers in Brisbane that you can trust? Here are some things to do to help you hire the right plumber for your needs.

Ask Your Friends and Relatives

Your friends and relatives don’t want you to hire a plumber who doesn’t know what they’re doing, who doesn’t have good customer service, or who won’t finish the job they start. For this reason, start your search for a drain plumber by asking your friends and family members for recommendations. Almost all homeowners have had to deal with blocked drain issues at one point or another, so they’ll have some ideas of who you can trust… and who you can’t.

Are they drainage specialists?

Plumbers have different skill levels and equipment when it comes to fixing blocked drains. Drainage specialist plumbers have extensive equipment including high pressure drain jetters, CCTV drain cameras and even pipe relining technology which can save you thousands. Check their website for real photos of their vans, equipment and plumbers in action. And of course…

Read Customer Reviews

If you don’t have relatives in the area or your friends haven’t had issues with their drains yet, a good place to start your search for a trusted plumber is by reading online customer reviews. A plumber might have their own reviews on their website, but these are probably only going to be positive. Check out independent review sites that are unbiased toward the plumbers in Brisbane.

Now, are there views of their drainage services? If you see positive reviews about clearing blocked sinks, stormwater and sewage, that’s a great sign of their drain cleaning capabilities.

You are bound to find some negative reviews among the online comments. No business can satisfy everyone all the time, but they should be able to satisfy most of their customers. Don’t worry about a couple of negative reviews among many, but do pay attention to how a company responds to their negative reviews. 

If they offer possible solutions to the customers’ concerns, they’re probably a good drainage company to deal with because they’re willing to fix what went wrong. If, on the other hand, a company is rude to the people making the negative comments or puts all the blame on the customers, they might not be a plumber you want to deal with. 

Also take a good look at the middling comments. Those are bound to be more honest than those that are all negative or all positive. They will really hone in on what you want to know about a drain plumber, like if they arrived on time, if they cleaned up after they were done, if they stuck to their quote, etc. All companies have their good points and their bad points, so learn about them both to make an educated decision.

Get Several Quotes from Several Companies

Don’t rely on just a single quote from a single drain plumber to make your decisions (unless it’s an emergency and there’s no time for comparisons). This will help you ensure that you’re paying a fair price for the service you need. Be careful not to choose an extremely low quote because that usually means they aren’t charging for everything and may ask for more money, or they’re not concerned about quality.


Hiring a Brisbane drain plumber can be a daunting task, particularly if you don’t already have a longstanding relationship with one. Just be sure to get referrals and recommendations and read online reviews to help you make a sound decision.


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