Fingerboarding: What Do You Need to Know About It

Fingerboarding, the art of riding a miniature skateboard with the middle and index fingers, is much more popular today. If you find this term new or haven’t heard about it, you must get familiar with it now. Fingerboarding is one of the most famous sports in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Individuals play this sport using a custom fingerboard, perform various tricks, and win the competition. It seems you are also interested in learning this sport and becoming a pro. So, let’s delve deep into this article to learn more about fingerboarding, buy the best fingerboard, and discover some easiest tricks!

What is Fingerboarding?

Fingerboarding refers to the art of riding a fingerboard using fingers. It is a sport played using fingerboarding (a skateboard replica). Typically, a fingerboard is ridden with the index and middle fingers. People love performing various tricks on the fingerboard.

Some do fingerboarding as a hobby, while others learn fingerboarding to participate in the competition and win. Various types of fingerboards are available in the market, ranging from 25 to 34mm. You can also buy a fingerboard and perform various tricks using it.

Tips For Buying the Right Fingerboard

While being a beginner and having zero knowledge about fingerboarding, choosing the correct fingerboard could be difficult. So, here are the tips for buying the right fingerboard for the first time: –

  • Consider buying a fingerboard with a premium fingerboard deck made of veneer plywood, as it is strong and flexible like a real skateboard.
  • Every person has fingers of different sizes, so ensure the fingerboard you choose fits your size.
  • You should purchase a fingerboard with high concaveness as a beginner. While for professionals, a fingerboard with steepness they buy depends on their personal preference.
  • Get yourself a fingerboard with CNC-bearing wheels for higher durability and smoothness.
  • You can choose the fingerboard bottom graphic that suits your personality or that you like.

The above-listed are a few tips that will help you buy the right fingerboard for the first time. After purchasing a fingerboard, you might want to perform some tricks, so keep reading to learn the 5 best fingerboard tricks for beginners.

Fingerboard Tricks For Beginners

Though there are numerous fingerboard tricks that one can perform, here are some of the best and easiest tricks that beginners can perform:


The ollie is one of the best fingerboard tricks for beginners. The steps to perform Ollie are as follows: –

  • Place your fingers on the fingerboard comfortably.
  • Pop the fingerboard up and get it vertical.
  • Move both your fingers up while the board is in the air.
  • When the board is in its highest place, get it horizontal.
  • Once the board is horizontal, let it land with style.


Opposite to Ollie, Nollie is also an easy fingerboard trick to learn. You can Nollie in the following way: –

  • Locate your fingers on the board in a comfortable manner.
  • Roll the board forward and pop the nose with your front finger.
  • Keep the board’s control in your hand while the board is in the air.
  • At the start of the trick, the board will be in 90 degrees position; you have to make it horizontal by the time of landing.

Shove It

Shove It is the most basic fingerboard trick you can learn as a beginner. To perform this trick, follow the below-listed steps: –

  • Put your back finger on the tip of the tail and the front finger after the bolts of the deck.
  • Pop the fingerboard using your back finger, lift your front finger, and scoop the board towards your hand.
  • Let the board finish full rotation while keeping both your fingers off the board.
  • Catch the board, stop the rotation with your front finger, and simultaneously place your back finger on the board.

Final Verdict

Fingerboarding is one of the most popular sports now; individuals play it for fun or even to win a competition. You can also master the art of fingerboarding, but first, you need to buy the best custom fingerboard and learn some simple tricks. This guide contains all the information on buying the right fingerboard and some easiest fingerboard tricks.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you might get the information you sought, buy the correct fingerboard, and quickly learn the simplest fingerboard tricks.

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