Five Best Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism Naturally

Metabolism refers to the rate or speed at which the body digests food. It could be fast or slow, depending on the individual and lifestyle. 

However, the rate of metabolism matters as it determines many things – your energy level, how easy you gain or lose weight, your risk for some health issues like diabetes and obesity, etc.,

For many people, their metabolism rate depends on factors like age, genetics, body size, etc. You can influence and speed up the process through some lifestyle choices. 

More importantly, one needs to note that metabolism alone is not the culprit behind weight gain or loss. Someone with a supersonic metabolism who eats junk will not stay slim without working out. In the same way, you will not necessarily be overweight if your metabolism is slow. 

However, some adjustments to your metabolism can translate to essential health benefits with time. As a result, this article will explore various things you can do to speed up your metabolism:

Consider Kratom 

Kratom is one of the high-quality herbs with incredible health benefits for users. It also stands out as a weight loss agent due to its ability to rev up the metabolism.

The stimulating properties of kratom can provide users with optimum energy, which supports their physical activities and workout effort in the gym. The stimulating effect positively affects the metabolism, especially green Borneo kratom.

Eat Smart

It is common knowledge that some foods help burn calories. While this might be true, such foods might not burn a substantial amount of calories, as one will expect.

The body needs to burn calories for various processes like chewing, digesting, and storing food in the body. This is known as the thermic effect of food. One should not excessively depend on the thermic effect of food for weight loss as it makes up only about 10% of every day’s calorie expenditure. 

Portentous food does not digest easily even though they are primal to muscle growth for people who are into strength training. Also, the body needs to put extra effort into chewing and breaking down fiber foods. When you add more spice to your food, it raises the body temperature to burn more calories

Frequent eating to avoid starvation might trigger excess weight, especially if you eat way more than the body’s demands. A combination of protein and foods rich in fiber might keep you full for hours, preventing hunger cravings. 


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Drink More Water

While this appears pretty straightforward, research also supports that water consumption before food can fuel weight loss in people. According to the study, people who drank enough water before eating got fuller, reducing their meal portions. As a result, they consumed less, which reduced their calorie intake, even without much effort. 

Dehydration kills metabolism, and you can curb this by fueling on water. Many times, the body confuses signs of dehydration with hunger. In other words, you might be thirsty next time you feel some hunger pangs. So drink a tall glass of water before going for a meal. 

Water supports metabolism and helps expel toxins from the body. It also supports the proper function of all body organs. 

It is an excellent habit to start the day with a glass of cold water. According to scientists at the University of Utah, volunteers who drank between 8 to 12 ounces of water every day had a faster metabolism rate than others who drank only four. When you drink cold water, the body will try to raise the temperature to the core body temperature, leading to the combustion of some calories. 

If drinking water seems bland, consider adding a slice of lemon, strawberry, watermelon, etc. It can boost the flavor and spare you from the added sugar common in juice. 

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Lift Heavy Things

In terms of metabolism, the muscles are active compared to fat. As a result, increasing your muscle mass can also fuel your metabolism, according to research. In other words, the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn every day, even while resting, according to a study. 

One tested way to support and improve muscle mass is by lifting weight. Such action can resist any drop in metabolism during weight loss

According to a specific study, 48 obese women were restricted to 800 calories per day. They were all given three options no exercise, resistant training, or aerobic exercise. 

After the exercise, the women who participated in the resistant training had the same muscle mass, strength, and metabolism. Others, however, lost weight had a decrease in metabolism, alongside the loss of muscle mass. 

Overall, strive to build muscle as it can positively affect your metabolism. 

Along with this, focus more on cardio as well. Cardio puts a great impact on body and you can take running, jumping, cycling or any kind of cardio in consideration. If you are not to fond of running or cycling, we’d recommend jumping jacks. Here’s a quick article for you publi9shed by Chat Wolfs: Jumping Rope vs Running Rope : Which is Better? This article will help you understand the difference between the jumping rope and running rope.

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Don’t Ditch Sleep

According to research, one factor that fuels excess weight is lack of sleep. Many factors account for this; however, the harmful effect of sleep deprivation on the digestion of food is one of the causes, based on research. 

Inadequate sleep also sets the foundation for excess insulin and blood sugar levels. According to various studies, these two factors set the victim’s stage for type 2 diabetes. Lack of sleep also fuels ghrelin – the hunger hormone and suppresses leptin – the hormone responsible for the fullness. 

This explains the unexplainable hunger you feel immediately after waking up if you don’t get enough sleep and the struggle to lose weight. 


Improved metabolism has many benefits as it is essential to overall health. This article has explored various ways you can rev up your metabolism naturally. 

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