Five Cool Ideas on How to Make Money During Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is the most massive annual event transpiring on American soil. According to available statistics, the National Football League’s championship game draws an average audience of over a hundred million people yearly. It is responsible for advertising revenues that are nearly $500 million. Moreover, going by figures from the National Retail Federation, this year’s Super Bowl nationwide should generate around $14.6 billion. Thus, to say that this is a booming economic event for the country would be an understatement.

Regarding the host city, in 2022, Los Angeles and Inglewood officials cited that they expected a projected $22 million in taxes alone to hit government coffers, generated by more than $500 million in money spent in the Golden State coming in as the result of it hosting the big game. The sector most profiting from it is, of course, the hospitality industry, with LA hotels, bars, and restaurants seeing dramatic increases to their bottom lines for Super Bowl weekend, making it clear that anyone living in a host city can make some sizeable pocket change if they play their cards right in February.

What follows are five tips on how those residents in a Super Bowl district can profit from a set of circumstances that have fallen into their lap.

Become an NFL Vendor

It is not only the top NFL stars and players that have made it to the league’s final that can make money off selling their merchandise in the last match of the season. Regular everyday Joes with clothe-making experience can also do this by becoming a licensed NFL vendor. To do so, companies and single parties interested in exploring this endeavor must have a three-year background in their manufacturing sphere and secure a minimum retainer of $100,000. That may seem high for most individuals. But if multiple people pool together, it becomes an acceptable amount. Particularly when one discovers that the NFL sells more than $4 billion in jerseys, hats, and t-shirts yearly.

Run an Affiliate Site

The global affiliate marketing sector pulled in revenues of $17 billion in 2023, and online gambling is one of its most popular niches. When the NFL season draws close, some of the craziest Super Bowl prop bets pop up online, drawing substantial traffic to internet sportsbooks. That is the time to strike on these promo wager deals and get a cut of the betting action that gets laid on them. The terrific thing about sports betting is that they tie an affiliate with the gamblers they send over to a sportsbook forever, ensuring that this is an excellent method for gathering long-term passive income.

Rent Your Home

Know that hotel rooms during the Super Bowl in a host city will always be in short supply. They get booked months before the game, making Airbnb lodging the next feasible option for most people on a budget. However, those who have waited too long and have tickets to the final will have to fork over a sizeable sum of dough if they wish to find a place to sleep near the Super Bowl stadium. In 2023, the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, was the site of the Bowl, and according to an Airbnb search, prices around it averaged a stunning $1,535. Entire homes in a several-mile radius went for around $1,000 a night, and multiple-bedroom ones cost as much as $10,000.

Offer Guided-Tours to Tourists

Based on historical data, the last Super Bowl in Glendale produced around $719 million in economic activity. Much of this number can be attributed to out-of-towners flocking to Arizona’s football hub to get a whiff of the atmosphere only the Super Bowl can provide. Most of these individuals are visiting a host city for the first time and would like to take in some sights while on their trip. Naturally, people can offer tours on the down-low, but if one wishes to run a short-term guide business legally, one must apply for an exam and a licensing fee. Thankfully, the cost of both in most non-red-hot holiday destinations should not be overly dramatic.

Join a Ride-Sharing App

For those with multi-person vehicles, this is a no-brainer. Due to scarce accommodation options, most visitors set up shop miles from the stadium. And they will undoubtedly want to move around their visited location, taking in much it offers. That opens the door for those with decent driving skills who know how to get around, to make bank by taking advantage of apps like Lyft and Uber. These should be hella busy on the game week in a hosting city, with request notifications appearing every few seconds.

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