Five Letter Words Ending In PH Five Letter Words Beginning In PH , and Starting From N to S

Words ending up with specific letters allow you to play and win online word games such as Scrabble and Wordle in Ireland. These records allow the contestant to think quickly and easily of the word and win over his opponent.

This article will give you an exclusive list of words that contain 5 letters ending with the letter PH. It will help you to organize words that begin with letters A to Z and their definitions. This will allow you to improve your terminology.

You can read the whole article to learn more about Five Words That End In PH.

Letter starting with A to N

  • Aleph is the first letter of Hebrew alphabet.
  • Asaph – The one who gathers, according to the Hebrew Bible
  • Bumph is a useless or tedious print material; it can also be called toilet paper.
  • Delph: Plates, spoons, dishes and glasses; often crockery.
  • Glyph – A hieroglyphic sign or symbol; an ornamental, carved channel or groove as on a Greek freze.
  • Graph – A diagrammatic articulation of connection between varying contents. Commonly, two variables are used. They are each calculated along side one of a number of axes at the right intersections.


  • Gulph- A vast bay. It can also be called a ocean when it is large.
  • Humph – An expression that expresses mild scornful doubt or dissatisfaction.
  • Lymph is a colorless liquid composed of WBCs that saturates the tissues through the lymphatic structures into the blood.
  • Morph: This is the ability to seamlessly change from one portrayal into another with small incremental efforts, typically an image.
  • NADPH (Nicotinamide adenine diphosphate phosphate) is an essential electron contributor in all organisms. It provides the reducing power for anabolic reaction as well as the redox balance.

Five Letter Words Beginning In PH , and Starting From N to S

  • Nymph – A mythical vitality in nature, depicted as an elegant maiden who lives in streams, forests, and other locations. It is a primitive form of an insect that doesn’t grow very much.
  • Oomph – The quality of being excited, energetic, or sexually appealing
  • Ralph – A male given name. It is Old Norse and means counsel and wolf.
  • Saiph – saiph – saiph a star, designation kappa orionis 53 orionis. It is the sixth brightest star within the constellation of orion.
  • Staph is short for staphylococcus.
  • Sumph is a dumb or clumsy person
  • Last Word Five Letter Words That End With PH.
  • Sylph, a mostly dark green and blue hummingbird with a male that has a long forked tail. This is the imaginary spirit or the air.


It is important to learn common words. These words can greatly improve your performance in online games such Wordle or in Scrabble. These words are getting attention online because of their individuality, brain training ability, and a lot more.

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