Home Product Review Floor Police Reviews Can Be Floor Police Mop A Scam?

Floor Police Reviews Can Be Floor Police Mop A Scam?

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If not, then you might consider using it to keep your home clean. A motorized mop can make your work much easier and saves your efforts and time.

The flooring police mop is a favorite option of motorized mop in the United States. Know all the details about this mop from Floor Police Reviews.

What’s Floor Police Mop?

This mop is motorized and can the hard work for you. A rechargeable battery powers it, so you don’t need to use your physical strength to run it.

This mop includes two spinning mop heads to give you a much better cleaning experience. Moreover, 12 reusable pads also come with this mop, one of which you will find just four polishing pads, four microfiber pads along with four scouring pads.

The product can be available on BulbHead and Amazon, together with the official one. We checked through all of them to provide you necessary particulars.

Product Specification predicated on Floor Police Reviews

Brand: Floor Police

Site Address: https://www.floorpolice.com/

Mop Type: Motorized mop

Battery: Rechargeable

Characteristics: The product comes cordless, slim, lightweight and includes a swivel head

Cleaning Range: It can glide under every corner

Price: The retail price for one unit is $29.99

Discount: If you buy two units, the next one comes at half cost. So, the total cost for 2 units will be $44.98 rather than $59.98

Pads: 3 kinds of reusable pads include the product, and you also get four of all them

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Floor Police Reviews: The product has mixed reviews on Amazon.

Washing Instruction: Pads are mounted at a system

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Charging Time: 90 minutes

Suitable Surfaces: Floor, Tile, Shower, Vertical surfaces like window

Guarantee: 60 days warranty is supplied

Social Media Action: Your brand’s social media manages are linked with BulbHead

Marketing: Marketing action for your product is observed on the official social media handles of their company

Advantages of Floor Police Mop

Price is quite attractive

It has a rechargeable battery

60 days warranty is available

Pads are reusable

Cons of Floor Police Mop

A variety of negative Floor Police Reviews are seen on the internet

The manufacturer’s popularity is uncertain as its social networking accounts are connected with BulbHead, and there are mixed reviews available about the brand.

Can Be Floor Police Mop A Scam?

While checking for the validity of the product, we came across the following details —

Though the brand has combined uncertain and reviews popularity, nevertheless we can found all the mandatory information about the product. It also has a wide range of marketing activity and a great deal of customer reviews can be seen about the item too. Hence, we could conclude that the item is legit to purchase.

Clients’ Thoughts

Clients’ testimonials regarding any merchandise ascertain the success or the failure of the product. Especially in the case of internet shopping, customers’ testimonials is the most reliable means to determine the products’ quality.

In Amazon, the product’s rating is seen as four-star. A good deal of buyers have given the product a very bad rating of three, two or even one celebrities. Many have called it a complete waste of money, and several have reported various issues regarding its cleaning quality and its durability.

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But some five-star testimonials are also available there, however they are easily outnumbered by the negative and average reviews. In social media too, no inspection is seen; rather, a couple reactions can be found.

After considering all of the combined Floor Police Reviews, it’s clearly observable that a good deal of buyers are not satisfied with their purchase. The motorized mop may seem very appealing and helpful, but the reviews say that it has a lot of issues as well.

That is why it will be helpful if elaborate research would be to be performed to check for the merchandise’s validity prior to buying it.

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