Flow Academy Kelowna Are the side effects of the vaccination normal?

Strange things are happening in countries like Canada, vaccinated people.

Here we are talking about Flow Academy Kelowna; There is controversy within this academy about the academy not allowing vaccinated individuals or canceling the membership of those who have undergone a vaccination program or if they wear face masks.

In this article, we’ll read about the controversial news from Kelowna academy and the reasons why Kelowna is taking such steps; read the full article for complete information.

Flow Academy Kelowna:

This is an academy located in Sutherland Ave, Kelowna, BC, v1y 5y7, where they teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga, Meditation, Kickboxing and Fitness Training. The owner and trainer of the Kelowna academy is Adam, and Tonya is the owner and CEO.

The academy recently made headlines due to a controversial step it has taken. They banned people who were vaccinated or wearing masks.

Now about why they took this step, we’ll continue reading in this article to learn more about Kelowna’s academy; we dropped the link below; go through this for more information.

Why has Kelowna Academy taken this step?

Flow Academy Kelowna does not accept membership applications from individuals who have received a dose of the vaccine; the academy made this decision in consultation with health, health and fitness centers across the country.

They stated that their liability excludes the unknown health effects of certain mRNA vaccines and reported vaccine side effects such as seizures, viral excretion and death following administration of these vaccines. The Academy took this controversial step.

Are the side effects of the vaccination normal?

As we already read, Flow Academy Kelowna has banned members who have been vaccinated due to side effects of vaccination. Now let’s read if the side effects are normal or not.

Yes, it is normal for moderate to mild effects to occur after immunization as these vaccines affect the immune system. Eventually, it instructs the body to react in a certain way to kill the virus.


In this article, we covered a very controversial topic related to Flow Academy Kelowna. Why is vaccination banned from membership?

We have also read about why they took this step and finally we can conclude that the academy took this step to prevent the virus from spreading to the academy.

What do you think about this step taken by the academy? Do you think this is a good step taken by the academy?

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