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What is Flubber? Flubber was originally a United States film Flubber, which was launched in 1997 as an Si-Fi genre. It gained popularity in the United Kingdom. Flubber, a flexible and intelligent being, is shown in the film as a small, flexible creature that can be transformed into many shapes. It was developed by Professor Philip Brainard (actor Robin Williams), from Medfield College.

Recent research has led to a similar invention. Let’s look at Flubber Robot.

Flubber Bot

Between March 2022 and April 2022 the Flubber bot was shown on the internet. Its properties were demonstrated by Dr Karan Raj in a TikTok clip in April.

Flubberbot is a semi-liquid substance with magnetic properties. It behaved in trials as liquid or solid. It can be squeezed through small holes to achieve a consistency similar to custard.

Flubber bots can be easily inserted into the bodies of subjects due to their magnetic property. For navigation, an external magnet can control the Flubber bot.

Flubber Robot ?

Professor Flubber’s goal was to create some form of energy. He accidentally created a jelly which is super bouncy. Because of its buoyancy, the Professor decides that he will help his college basketball squad. The Jelly was also self-aware and assisted the Professor in many ways.

Scientists recently discovered a jelly with magnetic properties. Similar to Flubber, this jelly is intended to aid people. Flubber is the name of Flubber’s latest invention, magnetic Jelly. The Flubber Robot allows you to grab and move objects around, as well as damage or destroy them.

Flubber bot could represent a breakthrough in healthcare technology. The Flubber Bot can be used during surgery to move or trap objects.

Flubber bot technology development:

Flubber bots can make the shape of ‘C,’ which has an opening on one end and a semicircular form at the other. It can trap objects in the centre of “C” to allow them to be moved. However, the magnet has adverse effects on the human body. Flubber bot was therefore covered with silica to lessen its negative effects.

Scientists are developing Flubber Robot technology for medical technology and surgery. Flubberbot technology may be used in any part of the body, but it is still not clear if Flubberbot can capture objects.


Flubber bot has been proven to travel through tight spaces in many trials. Its semi-liquid nature, flexibility and the ability to change its shape made it possible to move through them. The external magnet can be used to control the bot, making it more cost-effective. Scientists are working to determine how long it can be safely inducible and how to deploy it as an autonomous robot.

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