FocoClipping Review : Is This Transparent Image Maker Good to Use

Images are currently used for almost every aspect of our daily lives. Images are most important in expressing our feelings and thoughts, from business to media platforms. But when we click images, we also capture the unwanted background. Background removal is a graphic design solution that handles image backgrounds. According to the demands of nowadays, several commercially organized firms that provide photo editing services have sprung up.

FocoClipping is used to remove your image’s background and replace it with another. It is usually used to create a clean white background for product photos in an online store. It is also used to crop, resize, zoom in or out, reset, change background with colors.

Why believe in fococlipping?

There are many motives why you should use It’s not only a website for background remover, but it also provides many other services with high accuracy and reliability. Some of its services are:

Bg Remover on Autopilot

Removing image backgrounds has always been a daily task for many professional photographers. But, because FocoClipping can remove the backdrop of a photo in 3 seconds, why is waste time choosing pixels? Save time by taking more images and leaving the heavy lifting to us!

Remove the Green Screen Immediately

You don’t need to develop a chromatic environment that completely matches the lighting circumstances while using FocoClipping. Take images wherever you are: in your dirty house, on a noisy street, or even in the gloomy night sky, and then use FocoClipping to easily remove the background and replace it with a fresh personalized background.

Improve Your Workflow

You don’t have to bother about the laborious and repetitive task with FocoClipping’s batch image background removal and API integration. Allow extra time for unrestricted creativity.

Automatically Remove Product Background

Amazon, eBay, and other online eCommerce platforms require a product with a pristine white background. FocoClipping is built on a clever AI system that rapidly recognizes the product backdrop and automatically removes it within 3 seconds. Whether there are stains or other defects in the backdrop, FocoClipping can easily make white background products!

Exact Edge Cutouts

Over billions of real image training for jewelry, clothes, fashion bags, furniture, or other consumer goods, FocoClipping supports separating the product edge and background, and it works perfectly to enhance the edge quality with its “Refine Edge” and “Define Edge” tools for some tricky edges.

Product image cutout in bulk—save time and money.

Photoshop normally takes 10-20 minutes to remove the product backdrop, which is time-consuming and inconvenient, right? However, FocoClipping can handle over 1000 photos in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. With a single click, you may have magnificent collections of white background photographs!

Automatic Background Remover for Free

Photoshop used to take a long time to chop out portrait image backgrounds and other background photographs. These days, you can utilize FocoClipping to delete image backgrounds in 3 seconds. Perfect for a beginner!

The Preset View has a nice interface.

Compared to other free online transparent image maker background creators, FocoClipping offers the most basic preset interview for the “Before” and “After” effects. Every newcomer can easily alter their background images to create eye-catching artwork. It is the perfect online photo editor!

Add New Backgrounds to Express Yourself

It is the time to let your creativity run wild! You can effortlessly make the photo background change and let your portrait photos sparkle with just one click to add new backgrounds. This online background eraser is sure to give outstanding results every time, whether you’re producing spectacular graphics, banners, and posters for your business or updating your ID photo with a solid background.

Use Splendid Filters to Express Yourself

FocoClipping, which comes with powerful photo editing features, offers dozens of beautiful filters to help you improve your selfies! Furthermore, there are various highlights to pick from, such as cropping photographs, adding outlines, creating shadows, and so on.

How is FocoClipping better than other websites?

FocoClipping ensures a pleasurable experience for all of your photo needs. It has many characteristics which distinguish it from many other websites.

  • Reliable

One of the most important questions Is every website trustworthy? Many websites leak your data on the internet and create problems for you. But FocoClipping respects your privacy and never leaks your data to the internet, which is available 24/7.

  • Scalable

Not every website can scale to accommodate a large number of potential visitors. Many websites hang when visitors approach them or give loading problems, which means it takes a lot of time to load. But Fococlipping has adequate infrastructure to sustain its website and its visitors. FocoClipping does not have loading problems; it loads in a few seconds and is very fast.

  • Secure

Today’s site visitors are concerned about security. Fococlipping ensures that it adheres to the industry standards and requirements. This website is secure and uses SSL encryption.

So, after this long discussion, it is proved that FocoClipping removed the background in a few seconds with artificial intelligence and provided a feature called shadow to look real.


The process of using Fococlipping is very easy Three simple steps are following:

1. Select an image

Choose an image with distinct boundaries and no overlapping objects for the best results.

2. Remove the background

Simply upload your photo to get the background removed in three seconds.

Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated

3. Download

Download your new image as a PNG and JPG file with a transparent background to save, share, or keep editing.

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

So, after the complete discussion, it is proved that Fococlipping website is a simple editor interface. Compared to other websites, it is really simple and quick and the easiest internet background removal. In mass image processing, FocoClipping comes in handy a lot. And it is highly recommended to remove portrait images because their output quality is excellent.

Christopher Stern

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