Forget The Excuses And Train Like Zoe Saldana

One of the reasons many people cite for not exercising is lack of time. But we already have tips for you that you can follow when you feel like you need a 48-hour day. So, zero excuses and follow the lead of Zoe Saldana.

The actress has confessed that she does not like gyms and hates treadmills. She told Shape that her day to day is very hectic between multiple activities. So on those tough days it takes just 20 minutes to do a simple workout that you can also continue even on your travels.

The short conditioning routine consists of performing a cycle that begins with a stationary jogging for thirty seconds, doing a series of squats, and repeating the exercises with a heavy medicine ball filled with sand. Remember that they come with different weights.

Running in one spot – just raising your knees and not shifting – is a very effective way to burn calories, benefit the cardiovascular system, build endurance, and strengthen large muscle groups.

While weighted squats are one of the most complete and effective exercises out there. If you don’t have the ball to raise above your head you can use dumbbells and even plastic bottles with liquid or sand.

Squat safety measures are basic, but important to avoid injury. Place your legs shoulder-width apart for balance, put the balls of your feet facing forward or with a slight angle outward. The knees should never exceed the balls of the feet. And the back should always be straight. Contract your abdomen without holding your breath and it will help you maintain the posture.

So far everything is quite simple. But you must add something else: food. The Avengers superhero recommends that you lead a healthy lifestyle to see results, she says she prefers not to talk about diets. But yes to take care of meals.

So time cannot be the excuse for not exercising. To vary this routine, you can substitute squats for planks on alternate days. You will receive excellent benefits and you will be strengthening your whole body. The excuses and limits are up to you. Find a time to train even on your busiest day. Your figure and your health will appreciate it.

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