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This article is linked to Fortnite Gear ODM to assist Epic Games players in learning about a new feature and discovering it during gameplay.

Was Epic Games able to add a new feature? What is Epic Games’ new feature? How do you use the new feature? Many Epic Games users worldwide are excited about the new feature.

It is also important to understand how to use it. Many players also search for the Fortnite Gear Odm feature. Scroll down to see the Fortnite Gear Odm information.

Fortnite: Is there a new feature?

Fortnite has received an Epic Games update that added the all-new ODM Gear feature. It was released on April 11, 2022.

ODM Gear, also known as Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, is the latest wearable weapon in Fortnite’s royale battle.

Where is Odm Gear Fortnite?

Thunder Spears and ODM Gear are available in a Scout Regiment footlocker. You can also purchase battle passes in the in-game shop.

Attack on Titan anime fans will recognize this armor or weapon that looks like a mechanic. If you have this equipment, you can grab in the air to hit your enemies below.

How to use Odm Gear?

To earn ODM Gear, you only need to walk around the Island as you would normally in Fortnite. Epic has promised that the newly introduced item will be available “from the ground and Scout Regiment Footlockers as well as from your chests.”

You can jump quickly into the air to grapple with another person using the built-in blades. You can also launch or hover another attack.

Where can I find Odm Gear for Fortnite?

Bodil40, a YouTuber claims to have found the perfect ODM Gear spot for Fortnite. You may find a Scout Regiment Footlocker in the Family Basement at Anvil Square’s Jaeger.

Is this the confirmed location for ODM Gear?

Although we can’t guarantee that there are ODM Gears in this area, it is a good place to start your search. ODM Gear should be easy to find if you search there. Also, keep an eye on the island.

You can unleash some powerful whirling strikes when you have your ODM Gear on. The video above demonstrates this.

Quick Wiki:

  • ODM – Gear name
  • Full name: Omni-Directional Mobility
  • Fortnite:
  • Location- Scout Regiment Footlockers Chests and Ground
  • Angel Aaltonen is the designer of the gear


Epic Games recently released a new feature. Players will need to find it and use it in Fortnite. Levi does not need to update his gear, and he uses the same one.

Are you able to find ODM gear in Fortnite Please share the location of any gear that you might find in Fortnite.

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