Four Common Commercial Cleaning Challenges and How To Solve Them?

The era of technology and digitization is here and new advancement is revolutionizing the way we work. With cleaning industry is no exception! Must accept and embrace the changes as the commercial cleaning sector is expected to grow at an exponential rate. According to the CAGR (Cumulative Annual Growth Rate), the sector is expected to grow at 4.75% annually. Plus, trends in the commercial cleaning business change with time, so to run a successful commercial cleaning company you must stay updated with technology and practice according to the unique demand of new-age customers.

However, In spite of growth and transformations, there are five major challenges encountered by cleaning business entrepreneurs, irrespective of the size.

So, if you run a cleaning service company and face any of the below-mentioned issues, read the space to know how to solve them:

  1. Discontented And Unhappy Customers

There is a popular saying in the business world, “customer is king” and holds true especially in a mobile business like cleaning services. In order to achieve success, it’s imperative for the business to offer exceptional customer service. And this is the biggest challenge for the cleaning industry to understand customer needs and turn them into great customer service. Plus, cleaning companies need to provide quality services at affordable rates, able to strive in the hyper-competitive market.


The best-fitted way to find the solution is employing specially designed cleaning service software that is packed with powerful features such as a dashboard to monitor the cleaner performance, time taken to complete the job and much more. When your company gets positive as well as negative feedback regularly it gives your business an opportunity to improve the area where customer service is lacking along with motivating employees to continue delivering the services that make customers happy. When the communication system via cleaning software is in place, this ensures services offered to customers are outstanding, according to their requirements.

  • Cleaners Turnover Rate Is High

Another major issue often encountered by commercial cleaning services is high employee turnover. There can be myriads of reasons for the same which includes ineffective management, lack of training, no employee benefits, low wages, etc. Additionally, lack of good communication can also be one of the reasons for employee dissatisfaction; no matter if you have the best products and equipment for cleaning services if your own people are not happy it’s the real challenge for the company. Furthermore, according to a study around 55% of the customer base is either lost or doesn’t repeat services due to poor and insufficient cleaning practices. Given the cut-throat competition in today’s cleaning industry, it’s easier for businesses and high-worth clients to choose another provider if they don’t get the expected results.


First, the hiring process should be stringent then followed by training practices to ensure that the workforce is willing to offer the quality service expected by clients. Once employee screening is completed make sure to provide them adequate training, they can work efficiently, effectively, and faster to keep the schedule and price up to and running. In addition to this, imparting staff with essential training modules, company information, and digital cards over their smartphone device can significantly reduce the turnover rate along with amplifying employees’ communication with the company. Moreover, when you inculcate software into the daily operations instant feedback can be sent to janitorial at one click from management and they can also raise any issue at customer’s site, employees feel valued helping increase retention rate.

  • Adapting To Technology And Automation

As mentioned above, in the era of technology everything is going digital no industry or sector is untouched by innovative technology like AI (artificial intelligence), Machine learning, Big data etc. Having said that, new technologies are changing the ways commercial cleaning businesses used to work. But even in the internet age, there are a plethora of cleaning businesses and staff resisting technology adoption. These advancements are the real game-changer for the sector; if you don’t adopt these changes it might affect your company’s growth.


If you are looking to improve efficiency, quality of services offered, and productivity then investing in the right automation and technologies can be your safest bet. For example, Big Data can play an imperative role in cleaning companies, especially in commercial cleaning services in asset management technology. You can look into the areas for improvement, keep an eye on cleaning metrics along with working on growth opportunities. Not to mention, it can help in lowering the cost and enhancing the cleaning efficiency. Besides this, automation can also help cleaning businesses reduce costs when you automate some commercial cleaning processes it abets in cutting down the staff costs, improving consistency, resulting in better customer experience. What’s more, battery technology has helped the cleaning industry by assisting as a potent power source for varied cordless equipment.

  • High Management and Labor Costs

The earning potential in the commercial cleaning business is becoming eroded year-on-year as the operating costs are higher than margins which include janitorial and management costs. However, front-line staff and managers both are crucial for running a successful cleaning venture but there are some effective ways to amalgamate their tasks and reduce additional costs.

To add, standard policies and essential information can be shared in one click with all the employees.

This will help the cleaners what type of work and quality of services is expected from them, leading to more satisfied employees with minimal managerial interference, ensuring good profits to the company. On top of that, another best-fitted way to reduce the labor charges is by putting some money in innovative cleaning technologies that not only improve productivity but also automate myriads of the cleaning process; this will permit you to take up more cleaning jobs with fewer people.


As said earlier, cleaning staff, supervisors, and higher management can be combined with an effective software application. All the imperative aspects of their jobs such as reporting details, arrival notifications, audits, and reporting can be put together in single software resulting in a significant reduction in labor costs. Brilion is one of the well known business cleaning software that is extremely efficient and user-friendly. You can visit their site for a better understanding on how their software works.

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