Home News Four Former Presidents Volunteer To Test The Vaccine In The United States

Four Former Presidents Volunteer To Test The Vaccine In The United States

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It’s December. It gets dark at 4.30pm. The United States has broken the record mark for deaths from covid-19 registered on April 15. The 3.0 pandemic brings “a very dark winter”, as health experts had anticipated, but it is still not as cold or gloomy as last spring. The light is on at the end of the tunnel, with the vaccine just around the corner, and more importantly, Americans have regained the ability to laugh at the pandemic.

The four living former presidents of the United States became the delight of political comedy shows Thursday by volunteering to get the vaccine, “live if necessary,” Barack Obama offered. There is a fourth former president on the way, Steven Colbert recalled on CBS, “but he doesn’t want to admit it.”

Donald Trump could beat them the time and incidentally the television audiences, because the vaccine whose merit is attributed will begin to be distributed in the last days of his mandate. In addition, the 74-year-old president belongs to one of the risk groups that experts put ahead, but since he was infected in October, he does not need the vaccine. That eliminates him from among the great signings of the season.

Elvis did it before

“Put the antibodies where you have your mouth and come to my program,” challenged the most famous comedian on television. “Immuno-tabulous Expresidential Jab-A-Rama!” He yelled excitedly. They would not be the first. Elvis Presley was already lent in 1956 to get the polio vaccine on Ed Sullivan’s show.

After receiving the syringe from a nurse, he turned around and sang his hit of the moment, “Hound Dog. He was 21 years old, had made the toupee fashionable and was making his debut on black and white television. Polio looked like a A disease of children whose vaccine was resisted by adolescents, so seeing their idol put it on was more effective than the vaccine itself. “He is setting a great example for his country,” the presenter praised him.

Entertainment expectations have changed, so Colbert predicted that “Someone else’s Doctor’s Appointment” would not be a hit series, but if celebrities publicly queue up to wear it, they could convince more than one skeptic. From those who scientifically fear that too many bureaucratic safeguards have been removed to streamline the vaccine, to those who think it is a form of government control, global immunization has a long way to go.

60% of Americans say they are willing to wear it, according to a poll by the Gallup consultancy, but that would leave 40% without it. The good news is that this is 10% more than in September, so it is expected that between humor and celebrities, distrust will be overcome.

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